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Our lives have become increasingly busy. The humans of 21st century hardly fine leisurely time. Most of their time is allocated to their respective work and profession, the balance of it is reserved for family and other obligations. Given this schedule of individuals, even the young ones, has made it nearly impossible for them to be able to spend some quality time for themselves. Even if you were a movie buff in your teen years, you would have noticed how downhill your movie watching habits have gone since you began your career. You’re not alone, the entire world is struggling to find an appropriate work-life balance. 

Moreover, if you are just starting out on your career, you have a long way to go. But you are also stuck between having to pay your own bills and other expenses. It is quite likely that you don’t have enough left to spend on movie tickets which, by the way, have seen a constant upward trend for quite some time. 

So what could you do? Well, there are a couple of options. Most of these options require you to have an internet connection except DVDs which, to be honest, have their lost charm and are hardly found anywhere because of there adverse impact on the environment. We are here to discuss about the other, much more popular option for you. Online streaming of movies, tv shows, and web series website BestGore. That’s correct, there are websites that allow users to download and stream movies and other video content online without having to pay any charges to them. What’s in it for them, you ask? Well, they play a bunch of ads for you when you use their services. They generate revenue when you watch or click on these ads. And that is why they are able to provide you free services. 

Such websites, however, are illegal. They have been labelled as illegal by the government because they distribute all of this content without the authorization of persons who have rights over its distribution. For this reason, users must always be cautious whenever they use such websites Movierulz. We are here to discuss about one particular website, and that is Bollyflix.

What exactly is Bollyflix?

Bollyflix is a website that provides its users download and streaming services without charging them anything. It is, however, an illegal website as discussed earlier. The website provides users with movies in a number of regional Indian languages which includes Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, among others. The website provides all its content in full high definition resolution so the users are able to experience quality content as they relax in their pajamas with their friends or family. 

The website is especially popular for its collection of Bollywood movies. It includes Bollywood movies from across time zones so users of all age groups will find the content library, particularly the Bollywood section, very relevant. On top of movies, Bollyflix also provides streaming of TV shows and web series including all the latest ones that the youngsters would absolutely love. The website has created a number of categories for the movies that are present on the content library and among these categories are Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies, Marathi Movies, and a lot more. 

Bollyflix usually continues to switch its domain extensions. The reason behind this can be justified since as discussed earlier, the government’s aim is to put an end to all websites that distribute pirated copies of content without authorization. Whenever Bollyflix gets banned, the creators manage to keep the website accessible by registering different domain extensions.

The quality of content found on Bollyflix is also excellent. Users will find resolutions that range anywhere between 360p to 1080p. There may also be several movies that are uploaded in 4K resolution. All that a user needs, is a WiFi connection with a decent internet bandwidth and a computer or a mobile phone. Bollyflix is one of those websites that also provides movies in a compact file size of 300mb. This is really handy for users who are using their mobile phones and mobile data for downloading these movies because it saves them both storage as well as data. 

In this article, we will discuss about various aspects of Bollyflix so you are able to understand how the website functions and what it provides to users in terms of content, features, and other relevant criteria. 

Features of Bollyflix

Bollyflix is a feature-rich website wherein the creators have incorporated a wide range of features to provides users with easy accessibility and navigation. By means of these features, users will save a lot of time and effort during their usage of the website because in absence of these features, they would have to do a lot of things which would require significant effort on their part. We have put together a brief list of the features of Bollyflix for you to be able to better familiarize yourself with what the website aims to accomplish and offer its users in terms of service and content.

  1. The website is absolutely free of cost. As discussed earlier, the website does not charge anything to its users because it is able to generate revenue through advertisements that play on their pages. These ads provide the website with enough revenue so they find no need of charging anything from their users. 
  2. A wide range of resolutions are available for the content found on Bollyflix. The website allows users to choose a resolution so they can do so after considering their internet speed and quality requirements. The content quality usually ranges anywhere between 360p to 1080p.
  3. Bollyflix does not only offer Bollywood movies but also has made available a large library of Hollywood movies for users who prefer watching their movies in English rather than other languages. All the popular and newly released Hollywood movies are available on the website for users to either download or stream, as they choose. 
  4. The website also allows downloading of these movies and just like streaming, the users may choose the quality of the content ranging between 360p and 1080p, based on what their internet speed is and how much extra storage they have available with themselves. 
  5. Bollyflix has movies from across the Indian subcontinent with movies also available in regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, among many others. The website has added movies that have been dubbed in a number of vernacular languages to provide its users with abundant options when they are downloading.
  6. Since the website offers its services without charging any amount to its users, the website does not see any point in compelling the users into signing up or registering on their website. Because of this, the users will able to download or stream their favorite content as soon as they are on the website and will not be required to go through any lengthy and unappealing registering process for being able to download and stream movies or other content. 
  7. Bollyflix has also gained popularity on account of the fact that it provides streaming service in addition to downloading. Most websites offer either of the services. Therefore, Bollyflix stands to gain from the fact that it allows users to have both options and they can choose as per their convenience what option is suitable for them.
  8. The content library on Bollyflix is extremely diverse. Although most users are looking for movies, TV shows, or web series, there is a group of people who like watching cartoon movies, anime, and other such content. Bollyflix has content even for such groups. 
  9. The website also has a large number of songs available on its website. So if you’re looking to have a party and are too lazy to compile a playlist, head over to Bollyflix where you will find custom-made playlists based on certain criteria. Choose the one you like and hook your stereo up. It’s that easy!

Categories on Bollyflix

Categorization is an important part of websites that provide download and streaming services. The reason categorization becomes essential is because these websites tend to have huge content libraries for people who are located at various places across the planet. They may not be able to understand and read each other’s languages. This results in a large chunk of data becoming irrelevant for a lot of users. To tackle this issue, websites try to categorize their content in terms of genres, year or release, language of the movie, and other such criteria. We have put together a brief list of categories available on Bollyflix so our users can get a grasp on what sort of categories they will encounter on the website when they use it.

1. Hollywood (Dubbed):

Even if you do not understand a particular language, shed all your worries because Bollyflix has created a separate section where you will find movies dubbed in a language of your liking. This has made it extremely easy for users from across the world to watch all time hits of Hollywood such as The Matrix, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, and other such movies. 

2. Tamil Movies:

Who does not love some South Indian action? South Indian movies are way ahead of its time and are jam packed with action. Tamil movies are dubbed in Hindi and become immensely popular all across the country. It is quite common to find fans of Tamil movies in states which do not understand a single world of Tamil.

3. Bollywood:

One of the busiest sections on the website is Bollywood. With latest hits being uploaded regularly, the website has been able to consistently provide its users with movies that they would have never found anywhere on the internet. Among the newly released movies that appear on Bollyflix are Angrezi Medium, Kabir Singh, Student of the year 2, among many others. 

4. Malayalam Movies:

Movies in Malayalam have also found a place as a separate on the category because plenty of users download from this section. If you are a fan of Malayali movies, head over to this section on Bollyflix and find all your favorite movies for instant download. 

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Bollyflix

We previously mentioned a number of times that Bollyflix and other similar websites are illegal. Because of this, the government may ban these websites Setfilmizle. Whenever the website becomes inaccessible, the users may find themselves stuck in case they do not have any alternatives from where they can continue to download or stream their content. To help our readers tackle this situation, we have prepared a list of websites for them so all they have to do is refer the list and choose a website from where they can continue to download their favorite movies and tv shows. 

1. Tamilrockers:

Among the most popular websites for downloading content in India is Tamilrockers. The website has been around for quite some time and has managed to garner a large user base which continues to recommend the website on account of its exceptional services.

2. Khatrimaza:

This website has invited a bunch of attention because of its exceptional video and audio quality. Its content library is also diverse with content available from a lot of different times and from a lot of different regions. 

3. Filmyzilla:

This website is popular for its excellent collection of Bollywood movies. The website also features movies that are dubbed in plenty of regional languages. Users will also find the interface extremely user-friendly. 

4. JioRockers:

A website that has started only just recently but has become extremely popular. The website provides its users the ability to download as well as stream content from their website. The design of the website is quite neat and tidy which enables the users easily comprehend the content appearing on the website.

5. 123movies:

The website that users swear by because it never fails to provide users with what they are looking for. With a humungous content library, it has perhaps one of the largest collection of movies that is available on the internet today.

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Bollyflix

While the aforementioned websites will certainly come in handy when Bollyflix is inaccessible, they are all still illegal. Usage of illegal website may bring you under scrutiny of government authorities if they find you making use of such websites. Moreover, these websites have the potential to cause permanent harm to your computer systems because they could infect it with malwares and viruses. For this reason, we recommend taking a look at these legal alternatives for streaming as well.

1. Netflix:

This is perhaps the most popular platform that provides streaming services as of today. The website’s popularity originates from its first mover advantage in the industry. If you’re looking to buy a streaming service and don’t mind spending a little extra, this is your best bet.

2. Amazon Prime:

This platform has a great appeal to the Indian users. The main factor for this appeal is its small price tag. With a pocket-friendly price, Amazon Prime offers a whole lot of content for the users, especially in the Indian landscape.

3. Zee5:

A platform that is more about soap operas than movies or web series. For this reason, the website has not performed exceptionally well with the Indian youth.

4. Hotstar:

Another platform that has recently become popular because it allows users to stream cricket matches for free. The platform does have a lot of decent content for everybody, though.

5. YouTube:

Last but not the least, a lot of distributors such as T-series upload full movies on their YouTube channels for their viewers without charging anything.


1. Is Bollyflix safe to use?

Not really. The website is an illegal website, and as explained earlier, its use could lend you in trouble with government authorities. It’s best to steer clear of such websites.

2. Is it legal to download movies from Bollyflix?

Certainly not. Since the website is not authorized to distribute the copies of movies or TV shows, it is violating the law by providing the users with this content.

3. Are dubbed movies available on Bollyflix?

Yes. There are a number of movies that are available which are dubbed in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, etc.


We strongly condemn the use of illegal websites that distribute pirated content. We are completely aware of the laws and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, 1957 and are compliance of all clause of the said Act. Through our articles, we aim to educate our users about the risks associated with use of such websites. We hope our users will refrain from promoting piracy and also encourage friends and family to adopt ethical means to stream content online.

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