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Movierulz (2021): Top 20+ Best Alternatives Sites Like Movierulz



Collections from Box-office throughout the world have been since long getting affected by piracy. Several websites operate on the internet purely with the intent of piracy and leak the movies and other video content online for free before the movie has even been released. One of such websites is Movierulz which provides users with all the latest upcoming movies for download.

When users download these new movies from the pirated websites like movierulz telugu, the number of people visiting the theatres reduce substantially causing loss of revenue to all the parties involved in the production of the movie, and also the theatres. The website Movierulz has been involved in releasing pirated copies of movies and other media online for a long time. Here we bring to you all the details that you need to know about the piracy website.

movierulz telugu is what we refer to as a torrent magnet site that is involved in the leaking pirated copies of movies. The website operates using many names such as Movierulz com, Movierulz News, Movierulz MS, mp4moviez, etc. These websites upload pirated movies in various languages including Telugu, Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, among other languages.

Movierulz: What does the website do?


Movierulz is what we refer to as a piracy website that was created to provide users access to all the pirated movies which they can download on their computer. The online portal is involved in notorious practices of allowing users to download and stream all sorts of latest Holly, Bollywood, Punjabi, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English moviemad even before they have actually been released for the general public or if not, as soon as they are made available in the theatres.

With the growing fame of TV serials and web series that are aired on the TV channels and on top of that the newly emerging streaming platforms, all this data provided by all the content providers is made available on the Movierulz website. Users are able to access all this content at absolutely no cost to enjoy all this free content and either download or stream them as per their convenience without having to pay any charges. This data is often downloadable in high definition resolution. However, because of websites that promote piracy, producers lose a large chunk of their revenue. Therefore, the production houses often encourage the users to respect the art and not to resort to piracy and pay for the content that they wish to see.

Piracy has since long been considered illegal in India. Because of this, the government of India from time to time attempts to ban these websites from operating and promoting piracy. However, none of these bans has kept these websites from continuing to leak the fresh content which releases every day. Movierulz websites, like many others, keep changing their domain name extensions to work around the ban imposed by the government. By doing this, they are able to provide their users with all the updated content such as movies, TV shows and web series that release periodically. This content is often provided in the highest of quality.

Features of Movierulz

The Movierulz website is undoubtedly the undisputed leader of the market as of this day. No other website comes even close when comparing it to other websites that operate in the same niche. However, because there are legal concerns that arise while using this website, users are advised to refrain from making use of such websites which puts them and their computer systems at great risk of varying types. Nevertheless, we have prepared a list that highlights the best features of the Movierulz website so you can better familiarize yourself with what you’ll be provided with upon visiting the website.

  1. Movierulz allows all of its users to download and stream video content which includes movie, TV shows and web series at absolutely no cost.
  2. The owners have updated the website interface and added a new improved feature. The new version may be downloaded by users to experience the seamless process of the Movierulz website. All the bugs that previously hindered the efficient use of the Movierulz website have now been fixed by the owners of the website.
  3. The website owners have also upgraded the old servers and invested in good quality high-speed servers to serve their users at a much greater speed so none of the users has to face issues while downloading or streaming the video content at any time.
  4. Any users, regardless of whether they have any previous experience with downloading moviesda, is able to seamlessly download and stream video content from Movierulz website. The process of downloading and streaming movies on the Movierulz website has been excessively simplified in comparison to other similar websites so the users do not struggle in downloading their favourite content and are able to enjoy the services provided by the Movierulz website as best as they can.
  5. The apk file of the Movierulz apk is pretty small and is unlikely to take a significant portion of your storage on your mobile device. This Movierulz apk file may be downloaded on any phone that runs on an Android Operating System.
  6. The website provides a large database of movies in multiple languages. Some languages that the movies are available to include Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu among many other languages and the viewers can choose a language of their liking and download those respective movies into their computer to spend some quality time watching 123movies with their loved ones.
  7. This website also provides its users with personalization themes, views and above all, the website has everything in the Latin language.

Among all the websites that are currently providing its users with the services of downloading and streaming websites online for free, Movierulz comes out on top of the list with its excellent features which allow users to do just what they are looking for on the website. The website also provides a plethora of choices to its users in terms of language and other things so the users never run out of choices. A user simply has to download an Movierulz apk of the Movierulz apk and they can immediately get started with downloading and streaming video content.

Categories in which movies are bifurcated on Movirulz

Movierulz encompasses all the video content and makes it available for its users. The website is able to provide its users with a vast collection of content and leaks movies from all across the globe including from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and also Pakistani 9xmovies. When the users visit the Movierulz website at 4movirulz com, the users will be able to find categories that will be provided in the form of a list for the users.

These categories help the users in exploring the giant amount of content that is available on the website without any hassle of looking through long lists of movies that appear after searching through the search button provided on the website. The categories are aimed at classifying the movies into various classes which different users may be able to refer to before they make a selection of downloading the movie of their liking. The users can then enter a particular category of their selection and look up their favourite content listed inside.

The categories provide users with an easy interaction with the interface and streamline the process of selection of the movies. Moreover, users are able to explore multiple categories if they happen to decide on downloading free movies from more than one class of movies. The process of knit-picking through the entire database of movies available becomes much more simplified with the help of these categories. Keeping this in mind and in order to allow users to complete ease of access, the website owners have provided the below-listed categories on the website.

  • Tamil Songs Mp3
  • Tamil Movies Dubbed
  • Bollywood Trailers HD
  • Hollywood Movies Dubbed
  • Tamil Movies Mobile
  • Malayalam Wallpapers HD
  • Telugu Movies HD

Best Alternatives (illegal) to Movierulz

Websites such as movierulz telugu have a significantly adverse impact on the revenues of businesses that earn money through the distribution of such Gomovies. For example, the producers and the theatre owners. These people earn their revenue only when viewers come to the cinema and pay for tickets. When a user downloads a movie through illegal websites such as movierulz telugu, he will not pay any money to the producers of the movie of the theatres and in turn, they will end up losing their ticket revenue.

Over the past, these illegal websites have released a large number of movies for their users at no extra cost to these users. The users are able to go on these websites like that of movierulz telugu and download all the movies and TV shows and web series that they are looking for free of cost. movierulz telugu, over the past several years, has released a number of blockbuster movies in all languages. Sometimes these new movies are leaked on these illegal Hubflix website even before the actual movie is released for the viewers in theatres.

Movierulz website is as of today one of the finest alternatives DeadtoonsIndia for users who wish to download and stream movies and web series online. However, users must be made aware that Movierulz and other similar websites are illegal in nature and they are constantly under the risk of getting banned by the government because the government does not allow websites that promote piracy to operate. Because of this, movierulz telugu may be banned at any time and without any prior notice leaving its users without their daily dose of entertainment.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of alternative websites for you so you never get stuck even in the absence of movierulz telugu or any other website. The list will provide you with all the content that you could ever ask for. These websites will help you stream and download movies, web series and TV shows and no cost.

  • 9xmovies
  • Madrasrockers
  • JioRockers
  • Fmovies
  • Khatrimaza
  • Kuttymovies
  • Isaimini
  • Tamilyogi
  • Filmyzilla
  • Filmywap
  • Moviesda
  • Extramovies
  • SkymoviesHD
  • Mp4Moviez

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Movierulz

Users are always recommended to make use of legal websites in order to stream and download their favourite movies and tv shows. Making use of legal websites keeps the users and their computer systems secure whereas making use of illegal websites exposes their systems to a lot of risks. Upon using legal websites, users can be at peace that their computer systems will not be harmed and also they will not be violating any laws of the country. Yes, the legal alternatives MejorTorrent2 for streaming and downloading movies and tv series may cost the users some money.

However, this amount of very small when compared to the actual cost of purchasing movie tickets at theatres if they had gone to the big screen for watching their favourite movies Anilinkz. Moreover, by incurring this cost they can be at peace that their computers and laptops are safe from a lot of threats that accompany illegal alternatives.

Nothing beats the comfort of watching downloaded movies or streaming your favourite web series being a couch potato in your pyjamas and with a large bucket of popcorn. We have compiled a list of excellent legal alternatives to illegal websites such as movierulz telugu so you can enjoy the time with your family members in the comfort of your home. We strongly recommend the use of these legal Putlocker alternatives against illegal ones whenever the users are attempting to download any sort of video content online. Here, we list the best legal alternatives for our readers as a substitute for websites like Movierulz.

  • Amazon Prime
  • Zee5
  • MX Player
  • Netflix
  • Popcornflix
  • HDO
  • Sony Liv
  • Hulu
  • Crackle

Movierulz FAQs

How much time does Movierulz take to release new movies?

Movierulz torrent website is an illegal website that users can use for downloading Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, English movies at no cost. The website generally releases the movies immediately after they are officially released at the theatres.

Is using Movierulz safe?

No, it is absolutely unsafe to make use of Movieruls because the website is illegal and its users may be detained whenever and if the law finds out the user. As a substitute to this illegal website, uses may use the legal alternatives for Bollyflix as listed above to ensure their safety.

How much time does it take for downloading a movie?

The time that a movie will take to finish downloading is entirely a factor of your internet bandwidth. Assuming your internet’s current speed as 100mbps, you should expect the entire movie to finish downloading in anywhere between half-hour and one hour.

Does the use of Movierulz expose our system to threats?

Yes. You run the risk of corrupting your system whenever you access such illegal websites on your computer because the websites tend to be unsecured and unsafe by nature. It is possible that your computer’s processor may end being permanently damaged upon the use of such websites. While making use of such websites, users must always use a VPN to protect their data and their system.

Who all can make use of Movierulz?

Any person regardless of age, who is aware as to how he can access torrent websites or other similar illegal websites for downloading free movies can access movierulz telugu. However, the users must keep in mind that anybody who is found guilty of using such websites is punishable by law.


We do not promote piracy and we are firmly against any type of online piracy. We understand the rules and regulations laid out by the Copyright Act, 1957 and its clauses and we make it a point to stay in compliance with all the rules provided thereunder. Through these articles, our aim is to educate the readers and provide them with information about piracy and discourage the use of all illegal websites involved in piracy. We, as a firm, always have and will continue to abide by the laws of the country.

We advise our users to steer clear of any illegal websites that support and promote piracy and disregard the efforts put in by our beloved actors. Please be cautioned and always stay vigilant and do not make use of this website which have adopted unethical means of generating income from themselves. Promote our entertainment industry by legitimately making purchases of tickets and visiting the theatres with your friends and family. We urge you to also spread such awareness among your acquaintances to aid the entertainment industry’s healthy growth.

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