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Downloadhub is a website popular for its 300MB movies feature. The Downloadhub website operates through various URLs such as,,, downloadhub is,, downloadhub, cool, downloadhub ws, etc. The website provides its users with pirated movies of all types including the most popular movies of Hollywood as well as Bollywood.

The Downloadhub website is an illegal website that is involved in the illegitimate distribution of video content to which they have not procured any licensing or distribution rights but still make them available to their users entirely free of cost. The Downloadhub website often releases movies even before they have released in the theatres. 

Websites such as Downloadhub have been termed as illegal by the government and maybe banned at any time without any prior notice. The reason for this is that this website promotes piracy. Piracy is opposed by content creators across the world because piracy results in a large revenue loss for these content creators. Whenever a user watches a Moviesflix online through one of the illegal websites, he is unlikely to go again to the theater to watch the same movie. Because of this, the producer of the movie does not receive any money, and neither does the theater. 

Moreover, the Downloadhub website makes a large library of content available for the users. The library is composed of a diverse set of contents including web series, movies, tv shows, among others. The website also provides its users MP3s, Games, and dubbed movies. The Downloadhub website alternatives, with its user-friendly interface, is your best bet if you are looking to download some quality movies without any cost online. The website, as mentioned, does not charge its users anything so feel free to take a visit whenever you are looking for video content to download online. 

What exactly is Downloadhub?

The Downloadhub website is a piracy-promoting website that distributes high definition resolution movies, tv shows, web series, and other video content illegitimately to its users without charging anything. The website is always kept up to date with the latest releases so the users never have to wait too long for their favorite upcoming movies. All your favorite movies for alternatives will be available in a range of high resolution starting from 360p and going up to 1080p. The website is also among the very few of those websites where users can download movies in a very compact size of 300MB. With a decent internet speed, the 300Mb movies can be downloaded within a matter of minutes and it gives the additional advantage of not taking up too much of your storage.

The website has all sorts of content on its website including audio songs, movies, computer games, and more. The website is also pretty clean and tidy. The number of pop-ups is comparatively less than other similar websites which provide users free movies to download alternatives. Because of this, users do not have to worry about repeatedly being bugged by ads that pop up in front of the screen while they are enjoying their movie or using the play button. However, whenever users go on these websites, the use of VPNs is critical. The use of VPN is an essential security tool without which you should never visit such illegal piracy-promoting websites. 

Downloadhub is definitely on top of the list of websites that provide free movie downloads because of its wide range of content. The website offers pretty much everything for download. The Downloadhub website also provides dubbed movies for download in languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, English, Punjabi, and Marathi. 

Features of the Downloadhub website

The Downloadhub website offers all the features that other similar websites offer to their users. However, there is a marginal difference in a few places. We have compiled brief descriptions of features of the Downloadhub website for our readers to better understand why Downloadhub is an ideal choice for their movie downloads as compared to other websites.

  1. The website’s top feature is categorization. While we will discuss more on categorization in the next section, we have summarized it here. The website categorizes its entire content library in categories that may be as per genres and other parameters. The users may alternatively also use the search button provided on the website to explore the entire content of the website and look up the content they wish to download.
  2. The also allows users to stream videos in addition to the download option. There are a lot of benefits to the streaming feature because when you stream, you consume lesser data than downloading the entire movie. Moreover, the movie is not stored on your hard drive so are also left with additional storage after you finish watching the movie. 
  3. The website also allows users to access the website in their vernacular language. The creators have made this feature available so that users from across the globe can make use of this wonderful website. This has also contributed to the website’s popularity and growth. 
  4. Since these websites do not charge their users anything, they need to generate revenue from other sources. The primary source of revenue for such websites is ads. When users try to download or stream content from these websites, tons of ads pop up on their screen. However, with the Downloadhub website, this is much less of a problem because the number of ads and pop-ups on the website are fewer than other similar websites. 


Categorization is a crucial feature of any website that provides users with content. The sheer amount of content on the website can create a lot of confusion for the users when navigating through lists and thumbnails of endless movies and tv shows. 

Categorization helps users make sense of the data and helps them screen their results by minimizing the number of movies in a particular set. The users, upon choosing a category, are able to screen a large number of movies and tv shows that were anyways quite irrelevant for them. This saves them a lot of time and effort and makes their search easier. Categories help streamline the users’ experience of knit-picking through the vast library of content.

We have briefly touched on a few categories for our readers so they can get a sense of the types of categories or genres they will find on the website.

  1. Action
  2. Horror
  3. Comedy
  4. Children
  5. Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  6. Romance
  7. Documentaries
  8. Biopics
  9. Sports

Best Alternatives (Illegal) for the Download website

As we discussed earlier, Downloadhub is an illegal website because it promotes piracy which the government is trying hard to curb. It is possible that the government will ban the website at some point in time. If the Downloadhub website becomes inaccessible, the users of that website will require alternatives from where they can continue to download their content. In view of this issue, we have compiled a list of illegal websites that serve essentially the same purpose as the Downloadhub website. 

However, we must draw your attention to the fact that these websites are illegal in nature. They, just like Downloadhub, may be banned at some point in the future. In addition, the person making use of such websites is also punishable by law. So if you are to make use of these websites Setfilmizle, regardless of the risks associated with them, use a VPN. Although it does not assure security, VPN is your best bet to keep your information and computer systems safe. 

1. Bolly4u

A website with an enormous content library, Bolly4u provides users with all they could possibly look for on a piracy website. Bolly4u also provides dubbed movies to its users in languages like Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, and others. The website is completely free and does not charge its user anything subscription fee. The website releases all the latest movies in a matter of days and brings in giant traffic. 

2. Filmywap

This second website on our list is known for the quality of its content. Filmywap provides all its content in full high definition resolution. Moreover, it is also one of the oldest websites providing free movies to users in the Indian territory. The website has a significant advantage over its competitors because of its current pace of growth. However, the government has made multiple attempts to block this amazing website.

3. Khatrimaza

An excellent website that has huge popularity among users who are looking to download movies in Tamil and other Bollywood movies. The collection of content on the website is beautiful and is kept updated by the owners so the users never have to wait before watching their favorite movies online. The website also is very organized and neat. The users are able to navigate through the collection fairly simply without much effort.

4. 123movies

Another amazing website that offers users free movies as well as TV shows in various languages from around the world. Additionally, the users will also find documentaries on this extremely feature-rich website. The website provides all its content in full high definition resolution including 4K quality. 

5. Movievilla

Another illegal alternative to the Downloadhub website is Movievilla. The website features a wide range of genres including horror, thriller, suspense, comedy, drama, and others. The website draws in traffic of almost 10 million users. Various codecs of videos may be found on the website such as DVDScr, HDRip, DVDRip, BluRay, and others. 

Best Alternatives (Legal) of Downloadhub

While the list we provided above is of all the illegal alternatives that users may use for downloading or streaming movies online, we have also provided a list of legal websites where users will find top-notch content of their choice from around the globe.

The advantage of having alternatives was already highlighted above. The users must have a set of alternatives that they can use in absence of the Downloadhub website so they are not stuck whenever the website has been banned by the government. However, illegal websites pose a significant risk to the users as well as their computer systems. So, we would advise our users to also have a list of alternatives that are legal. 

The legal alternatives do require users to pay a subscription fee because they do not generate revenue from ads on the websites. Nevertheless, the fee is a small price to pay because it assures safety to the users. They can be at peace that their computer systems will not be harmed and no government official will ever knock on their door investigating if you used piracy. 

1. Amazon Prime

One of the leading providers of online streaming is Amazon Prime. The platform has observed immense growth in the recent past because of its large content library. The platform provides users with movies, animations, web series, among others.

2. HBO Now

This platform comes from one of the most popular studios currently operating in the world, HBO. The app will bring all its amazing content on the HBO Now platform which includes shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones. HBO Now comes with a subscription fee, of course. But you may take advantage of their one-month free trial before subscribing.

3. Hotstar

Most Indians are familiar with the name Hotstar because the platform is widely used by cricket fans for streaming cricket matches. The Hotstar app provides users with a ton of soap operas and other shows. The platform allows users the option to choose between its 2 versions. One is a freemium version where users can watch all the content without any fees but will need to tolerate the ads. The paid version, on the other hand, will require users to pay a subscription fee.

4. Disney+

Who would not know Disney? The finest channel that graced the world in the 90s is now providing streaming services to transition the business into future-ready. Very few websites may be considered worthy competitors to other giants like Netflix, and Disney+ is certainly one of them. 

5. Netflix

The current king of the worldwide streaming service industry. The most popular service provider, Netflix, has seen exponential growth in the past decade. The platform benefited largely from its first-mover advantage. With 148 million users worldwide, Netflix is the largest streaming service provider as of today. The platform offers perhaps the largest content library of any other website.


1. Is Downloadhub an illegal website?

Yes, certainly. The website is illegal and unsecure. You and your computer system are at severe risks when accessing this website. Please use a VPN before making use of the Downloadhub website.

2. Does the website promote piracy?

It does. This is the reason that the government is looking to ban this website. Moreover, the users of such piracy-promoting websites are also punishable as per Indian law. 

3. What sort of content is available on the Downloadhub website?

Well, users will find a large content library on the Downloadhub website. The website offers movies in a compact 300MB file as well. High-resolution content can be easily found on the website for movies, tv shows, web series, and all other content. 

4. What is so special about Downloadhub?

The website features all the latest upcoming movies and tv shows. This website has a feature-rich user-friendly interface that provides all its content completely free of cost on website also offers streaming in addition to downloading. The content on the website is entirely in high definition resolution ranging from 360p and going all the way up to 1080p.


We strongly condemn the use of piracy-promoting illegal websites BestGore. We are aware of the laws and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, 1957, and fully compliant with all the clauses of the Act. Through our articles, we aim to educate our readers about the pitfalls of using piracy-promoting illegal websites that are rampant on the internet. We discourage the use of such websites and advise our readers to only use ethical means to stream their favorite movies online.

It is important to realize the risks associated with using such websites. Please share the facts mentioned herein with friends and family to spread awareness about these illegal websites and encourage them to adopt more ethical means so they can enjoy their daily dose of entertainment without having to worry about the risks that piracy

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