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Bolly4u official is a website that allows users to download Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. The website operates through URLs like Bolly4u in, Bolly4u org, Bolly4u com, among others. The website hosts pirated copies of a large amount of video content inclusive of Bolly4u movie, tv shows, and popular web series. The bolly4u guru website’s content library contains movies in Hindi and English.

The Bolly4u trade website is widely used around the globe because of its feature-rich nature. The users are impressed with the bolly4u guru website’s feature of regularly uploading the latest content that arrives which the users are able to download without incurring any cost. 

The website has been labeled as illegal by the government because it promotes piracy and distributes video content without obtaining any permission from the creators of this content. Because of such illegal distribution of content, there are many people like the movie producers and theatres that lose a large chunk of their revenue.

This occurs because once the users have downloaded the content from the Bolly4u trade website and viewed it without being charged anything, they are quite unlikely to visit the theater and pay for seeing this Bolly4u movie. When this happens, the theatres, as well as the movie producers, lose potential earnings. 

What exactly is the Bolly4u website?


Bolly4u website is a piracy-promoting website that has been termed illegal by the government. The website allows users to download pirated copies of movies, tv shows, and web series. The website delivers all its video content in excellent full high definition resolutions without charging them anything at all.

The website tends to leak movies and other video content as soon as it is released. It is initially made available in camera quality, but the decent quality content soon follows so users can watch their favorite movies in decent quality. 

The website has become increasingly popular among Indian users. The content is able to deliver to the Indian audience because it offers movies and tv shows from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The web series, as well, are uploaded in full HD resolution so the users never have to go to another website. The bolly4u guru website will fulfill all needs of all users. 

Since the website is illegal, the government and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have attempted to ban the website and keep a check on their illegitimate distribution of video content. The main domain of the Bolly4u trade website with a com extension has been banned repeatedly by the government.

Nevertheless, the owners of the website always find workarounds and manage to keep the website active through alternative domains from where users can continue to avail the services of the Bolly4u website and download all the free content that they wish to. 

Features of the Bolly4u website

There is a long list of websites on the internet that provide users the ability to download their favorite upcoming movies and tv shows from their large collection. You may wonder what gives bolly4u guru an edge over these other websites? Why must we choose comparison to its alternatives

Well, the website has become extensively popular among users on account of its feature-rich interface. The features accommodated on the website by the creators are outstanding. The interface of the website lets users download all the content hassle-free. Users are only a few clicks away from the download button upon landing on the website’s home page. We have brought together a couple of these features for you and thrown them together in a compact list. These features will help you make the excellent decision of choosing the Bolly4u trade website over other similar websites.

1. The website offers a large collection:

The website has video content for types of users. For users who are looking for Bollywood or Hollywood, English or Hindi movies, TV shows, or web series – the website has something for everyone.

2. Availability of Dubbed Hindi movies:

The website offers the users dubbed Hindi movies. This feature is especially a God sent for Indian users who prefer watching the movie in vernacular languages.

3. The movies are available in excellent quality:

The Bolly4u trade website offers all its video content in full high definition resolution. All videos are available in resolutions ranging from 360p to 1080p.

However, which resolution is best suited for a user will depend on the speed of his internet connection and the amount of storage he or she has available on their HDD, internal or external.

4. The interface:

This is the bolly4u guru website’s finest feature. The interface allows users to seamlessly explore the website with minimal effort. The users can pretty much download the movies Moviesflix in a matter of clicks upon reaching the website’s home page.

The creators of the website have put in additional effort in designing the interface of the website to provide users with exceptional service. The design minimizes confusion and enables users to quickly download their favorite upcoming movies.

5. A tidy homepage:

The users are not bombarded with a cluttered home page upon opening the website. The home page has been kept tidy so the users do not feel disoriented upon opening the website. The website does its job well and displays only the most relevant content on its homepage.

6. Movies in various genres:

As discussed previously, the website features a number of genres that the users can refer to for downloading their favorite Bolly4u movie. Even if a user is unsure of the movie or content that he is looking to download, he could simply pick a genre of his choice.

Next, he could navigate to that particular genre’s category where he will be able to explore through all the content that is available on the website’s database and relates to the genre of the user’s choice. What’s more, the user only has to go through this filtered list and pick a movie or tv show of his choice and begin downloading.

Categories available on the Bolly4u website

Categorization of content is one of the most critical features of websites that provide these services to users. Websites like Bolly4u trade to have a giant collection of content on their website. If users were left on their own to navigate their way through this large pool of content then they would be spending a significant chunk of their time behind searching the content they are looking for. To address this issue, the creators of the bolly4u guru website have categorized their entire website’s content into various categories. 

These categories have been introduced with a view to enabling users to bring down the time and effort required to be put in while searching for the content of their choice. Through these categories, the users can screen the entire content as per their liking so they have to look through only a much small portion of the content than they would have had to in absence of these categories. We have compiled a brief list of these categories to provide users an insight into what are the types of categories that they should expect upon their arrival on the Bolly4u website.

  1. 300MB Bollywood movies
  2. TV shows or series
  3. Bolly4u movie
  4. 300MB Telugu movies
  5. 730p Bollywood movies
  6. 1080p Hollywood movies

As you can see, the names of the categories are self-explanatory and very specific. This enables users to shorten the time required to search the content on the Bolly4u website.

Best Alternatives (Illegal) to Bolly4u

We mentioned earlier that the Bolly4u trade website has been labeled as illegal by the government of India. The website may be banned at any time by the government of India without any prior notice. Whenever this happens, the users must be prepared with a few alternatives to the bolly4u guru website that serve essentially the same purpose as that of the Bolly4u website. 

The reason we recommend keeping a list of alternatives handy is that in absence of the Bolly4u website, the users must not be left out to dry without their daily dose of entertainment. Should the bolly4u guru website ever become inaccessible, the users must have a list of alternative websites ready so they do not have to delay their movie time in absence of a website for downloading Bolly4u movie

We have compiled a list of such websites which allow users to download movies free of cost. We must, however, bring to our readers’ attention that the following websites are illegal and distribute content illegitimately. Even these websites stand a chance to get banned at any time by the government without any prior notice. With that out of the way, let us share the list of illegal alternative websites. 

  1. 9xmovies
  2. Madrasrockers
  3. JiorRockers
  4. Fmovies
  5. Isaimini
  6. Khatrimaza
  7. Kuttymovies
  8. Tamilrockers
  9. Tamilyogi
  10. Filmyzilla
  11. Filmywap
  12. Moviesda
  13. SkymoviesHD
  14. Movierulz
  15. Bolly4u movie
  16. Mp4Moviez
  17. Extramovies

Please note that these websites are illegal and the users, when using these websites, are exposing their computers and devices to severe risk. Moreover, the users of these websites are also punishable under Indian law. 

Best Alternatives (Legal) for Bolly4u

The reasons for having alternative websites to the Bolly4u trade website are endless. However, whenever you make use of illegal and illegitimate websites you are putting your computers and other devices at a lot of risks. These illegal websites often infect the users’ computer systems with viruses and malware that may affect the device or computer’s normal functioning.

Moreover, the computer may also become permanently damaged upon using these Bolly4u trade websites. The users also, if found making use of these illegal websites, may be punishable under law. Because of these reasons, we advise our users to practice a great deal of caution when making use of such illegal websites.

We have also prepared a list of websites that legally provide download and streaming services to their users. However, the distinctive feature of these websites is that they are not free of cost. They charge a nominal subscription fee. However, the fee is justified given the level of security that these websites provide to their users.

The users do not have to worry about damage to their computers or any action against them for making use of the aforementioned illegal websites. The users can view their Bolly4u movie in peace without having to worry about those risks. These legal websites may be used on computers, and some platforms are also available on mobile phones.

  1. Sony Crunch
  2. PopCornFlix
  3. Amazon Prime
  4. Netflix
  5. MX Player
  6. Zee5
  7. Sony Liv
  8. Sun NXT


1. Is it illegal to download or stream movies from the Bolly4u website?

Indeed. The website is certainly illegal because it distributes all of its content without the authorization of the producers and owners of the content. Downloading or streaming content from such websites is illegal. The websites also cause significant damage to your computer and your confidential information may be at risk of theft.

In addition, the user who is found making use of the website for downloading and streaming Bolly4u movie may be punishable by law. The government authorities may impose a penalty or in worst cases, the users may be imprisoned for an amount of time that the authorities deem fit. 

2. What is the quality of audio and video of the content on the Bolly4u website?

The website delivers excellently in terms of quality. It provides all of its content in full high definition resolution starting from 360p to 1080p. The users are free to download and stream the Bolly4u movie and tv shows as per their internet speed and the storage available with them. However, if a user chooses to stream the content, he may have to deal with some advertisements that will keep popping up in front of him as he attempts to hit the play button. 

3. Can I really be imprisoned for using the Bolly4u website?

Technically, yes. Practically, no. While the legislature has conferred the power to the government to imprison any person who unlawfully obtains content that has been obtained or distributed illegally can be imprisoned, no such cases have emerged in our country since the conception of this legislation. But yes, the authorities do reserve the right to punish the user. Whether they will actually do it or not, is a whole another story. 

4. Are the legal alternatives provided in the article safe for use?

Certainly. These websites have obtained the requisite licensing by paying the fees as prescribed by the law. These websites have purchased the rights to distribute the content that they display on the platforms. Moreover, they spend a large amount of their revenue on ensuring the safety of the users and their computer systems. 

5. How soon do movies release on the Bolly4u website?

The website uploads 123movies as soon as they are released. At first, the movie may be uploaded in a camera print. However, as the availability of the movie increases, the movie is uploaded in other decent qualities including full high definition resolution as well. Most films, though, will become available on the website in the best of quality within a month’s time. 

6. What formats are the movies available in on the Bolly4u website?

The movies are made available in almost all formats that are widely used by viewers across the globe. Formats available on the Bolly4u website include DVDRip, HDRip, DVDScr, BlueRay, BRRip, among many others. The users may download their favorite Bolly4u movie based on the availability of storage and their internet connection speed because different formats tend to vary in size. Formats like BRRip are usually quite large in size while others like DVDScr are relatively smaller in size. 


We strongly condemn the use of piracy-promoting websites and recommend our users not to make use of such illegal and illegitimate Bolly4u trade websites. We are completely aware of the laws and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, 1957, and are entirely in compliance with all clauses of the Act.

Through our articles, we aim to educate our readers about the risk of making use of websites that distribute content using unethical means. We would like to caution our readers that using such websites may have long-last repercussions.

Please only use legitimate websites by making payment of the subscription fees and also encourage your friends and family to adapt these ethical means of obtaining content as well. Let us reward our favorite stars by using legitimate sources of Bolly4u movies and TV shows.  

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