Not everybody can afford the luxury of watching movies at the theatre. Especially with the current economic scenario and unemployment rates, theatres have lost on a significant amount of revenue. If this was not enough, the coronavirus pandemic also brought the entertainment industry to a standstill. However, with all these factors in mind, people have begun to prefer watching movies at the comfort of their home without going to the crowded theatres. Moreover, the technological advancements have been able to significantly enhance the experience of watching movies at home. Users have a plethora of options to choose from when looking to stream a movie. However, some of these can be quite expensive, too. 

When users find themselves unable to afford the paid streaming platforms, they can choose to use websites the provide content free of cost. People have started to get really comfortable with these websites lately and its use has been growing steadily for a while now. So, if you are looking to stream content online without incurring any charges, these websites will come to your rescue. 

We have prepared this article about one such website by the name MovieMad. The website offers its users free content for download as well as streaming. The website has a giant content library which users will be able to use free of cost. The users will not be required to sign up or register on the website. All they have to do is locate the content they wish to download and stream, and begin downloading. The website offers all types of video content for its users including movies, TV shows and web series, among others. The website offers movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional movies as well. Users will find all the popular shows and web series on this website which they will be able to download without any subscription fees. 

What exactly is MovieMad?

MovieMad is a piracy promoting website, which has been termed as illegal by the government, because it is involved in distribution of video content for which it has not obtained in distribution rights. The website has not registered itself for any licensing to distribute movies and tv shows. 

With that out of the way, let us discuss more about what MovieMad provides to its users. The website provides an excellent quality of video as well as audio on its entire content library. Users of this website rarely face issues with regards to the quality of the content that that they download from or stream on the MovieMad website. The videos are provided in high definition resolution and in multiple formats which the users may choose from. More importantly, the MovieMad website, like other similar websites that provided download and streaming services, will not infect your computer with malwares and other viruses. However, infection cannot be completely ruled out because it is still an illegal website. But in comparison to other websites, the risk is definitely lesser. 

We suggest users use VPN at all times when accessing the MovieMad website for their own security. The MovieMad website domain, in the past, has been taken down by the authorities citing piracy issues. Usually, the MovieMad website comes up with a workaround to become active again, generally through varying domain extensions. Hollywood, Bollywood, and even Tollywood movies are available on the MovieMad website. The website regularly updates its collection with new arrivals as and when they release so as to provide users a one-stop solution for all their content needs. 

Users do not need to pay any subscription fees for using the MovieMad website, neither are they required by the website to register or sign up before being able to download and stream its content. The piracy website lets users access its entire content library within a matter of clicks. 

Features of the MovieMad website

MovieMad has become a popular choice among downloaders and streamers, and with good reason. The website has outperformed many of its competitors in terms of services and users have not failed to notice such efforts of the creators of MovieMad. The feature-website does what it promises and makes it extremely easy for users to save time and effort as they go through the entire process of downloading their favorite movies and other content. We have compiled a short list of features of the MovieMad website so you can understand why it is a frontrunner in the race to becoming the best streaming and download website.

  1. The first noticeable feature of the website is its clean and tidy look. The website creators have managed to design the website to look extremely organized which allows users to understand the contents of the home page as soon as they take a quick look. The easy-to-use website is loved by many primarily because of this feature. The MovieMad website is heaps and bounds more “to-the-point” than other websites operating in this domain. 
  2. The website is free! Who doesn’t love free stuff? The website charges absolutely nothing from its users. The website ofcourse has other sources of revenues through which it generates earnings. However, the users are not required to pay any subscription fees for the download of contents of the MovieMad website, and neither are they required to sign or register on the website before being able to download the contents of this website. 
  3. The download process has been simplified for the users. The creators have made an excellent attempt to streamline the process of navigating the website by users because they have incorporated a range of features which are coherent and lead users from one step to another with utter ease. The downloading and streaming processes have been made hassle free and save a significant amount of the users’ time and also reduces effort on their part. 
  4. The website is also mobile friendly. The use of cellular phones has shot up lately. With this, the demand for mobile friendly websites has also seen a rise. To leverage the users who largely use cellular devices for all their entertainment needs, the creators of the website have made the website mobile friendly, so even they can enjoy free movies at any time. 


Categorization is one of the most critical part of a website. Especially when websites contain a giant amount of content library, these categories are extremely helpful to users in knit picking through the entire database of the website. In absence of these categories, users will have to navigate through a giant library without any form of segregation that would help them make sense of the large amount of data.

Through categorization, the creators of the website have provided an effective tool to the users for screening the entire content and to be able to access the content that is actually relevant to the users. Upon going into a category, the users will be able to bypass a large amount of content that would have been irrelevant for them anyway. This helps users save a lot of time and effort as they choose their favorite movie from the MovieMad website. 

We have compiled a brief list of these categories so our readers can better understand the types of categories they are likely to encounter on the MovieMad website. The categories are located in the lower section of the website. If a user is ever unsure of the movie or content they want to see, they can refer to these categories and decide on the basis of these categories as to what sort of content they wish to download. 

1. Web Series (18+):

Since web series have grown in popularity, viewers are always on the look out for the best web series available online for downloading as well as streaming. The MovieMad website has accommodated an entire category just for the most popular web series of all times so users who are specifically looking for web series are directly able to go to this particular category and explore the relevant content.

2. Hollywood Movies:

These movies are usually preferred by the urban population and millennials. The MovieMad website, keeping in view, this demand from the users has created a category specifically for English movies that hail from Hollywood. This section includes movies like Charlie’s Angels, Iron Man, Avengers: Endgame, etc.

3. Bollywood Movies:

Most users in India are looking for Bollywood movies whenever they are downloading or streaming content online. The section is one of the most popular categories on the MovieMad website. The category includes movies like Satte Pe Satta, Jodha Akbar, Hera Pheri, Sholay, etc.

4. Bengali Movies:

This category is created for lovers of regional movies hailing from the state of West Bengal. The category includes movies like Noor Jahan, Satyanweshi Byomkesh, Rosogolla, among others. 

5. Gujarat Movies:

The category was introduced considering the demand of regional movies from the people of the western state of Gujarat. The category includes movies like Shu Thayu, Girlfriend, Chal Jivi Laiye, and many more. 

6. South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi:

This section is created for lovers of South Indian movies but do not understand the South Indian regional languages. The category includes shows like Aayirathil Iruvar, Adangadhavan, Ismart Shankar, Arjun Reddy, etc. 

Best Alternatives (Illegal) to MovieMad

We have put together a list of alternative websites for our readers. We recommend that our users keep this list handy. The reason behind our recommendation is that MovieMad is an illegal website. Because of this, the government may ban the website at any time without any prior notice. If the website were to become inaccessible, the users may be left out to dry in absence of a decent alternative from where they can download their favorite movies. To address this issue, we bring to you a list of alternative illegal websites that you can use to download movies. These websites offer essentially the same services as that of the MovieMad website.

1. Khatrimaza

Users are often frightened at the sight of piracy websites because of obvious reasons. However, Khatrimaza is definitely among the top websites currently operating in the market. Considering the user-friendly interface and streamlined download process, the popularity is justified. The website, like others, provides its entire content library to users free of cost.

The content available on the website is diverse, ranging across decades and plenty of genres. In addition to our favorite Bollywood movies, you’ll also be able to find the best Hollywood movies of all times on Khatrimaza. 

2. Bollyshare

When users are looking for the best of Bollywood content, this is a go-to website. The content is some of the most curated that we have seen on the internet till date. From old movies from several generations ago, to the movies of the year 2020 – all are available only on the Bollyshare website. 

On top of these popular movies, the website also provides its users the option to download movies in regional languages as well. The website is intricately designed and has been kept uncluttered for enhanced user friendliness. 

3. Movierulz

Are you on the lookout for some South Indian action? Head on to the amazing website where you will find all the content that you are looking for, absolutely free of cost. The website also offers these movies dubbed in Hindi for users who do not understand the regional languages. The website offers all its content in full high definition resolution. 

4. Downloadhub

Downloadhub is perhaps the top website in terms of user-friendliness. The website features tons of international content alongside the Bollywood content that remains largely relevant for the Indian users. The website is also mobile-friendly and hence, all users including those who use mobile phones can download movies from this awesome website. 

5. Filmyzilla

Here for your daily dose of entertainment, is this extremely trendy website called Filmyzilla. The website offers amazing streaming services to its users including the feature of dual-audio, which is not a feature that all websites provide. The quality of the video is also exceptionally good. 

Best Alternatives (Legal) to MovieMad website

The websites contained in the above list are illegal in nature. Not only can they permanently damage your computer system, they also put you at risk because if the government authorities ever discover the fact that you used these illegal websites, they may initiate legal action on you. 

Instead of using the illegal alternatives, we recommend that our users use these legal alternatives. These do come with a small subscription fee. However, the users never have to worry about their systems getting infected.

  1. Sony Liv
  2. Netflix
  3. Hulu
  4. Amazon Prime
  5. Zee5
  6. Disney+
  7. Hotstar


  1. Is it possible that my system may get hacked while I use MovieMad?

There’s no guarantee as to what might go down when you’re making use of the MovieMad website. However, it is highly likely that the website will infect your computer system with malwares and viruses. 

2. Is MovieMad legal in nature?

Certainly not. As repeatedly highlighted throughout the article, the website promotes piracy and is illegal as per the laws of the country. 

3. Is it unsafe to download movies from the MovieMad website?

We would suggest that if users are worried about security of their systems, they stay away from these websites. These websites contain a lot of pop up ads and clicking on those links may infect your system. 

4. How can I prevent interruptions when I use MovieMad?

In order to ensure that your system goes undetected, users must make use of VPNs which enable users to hide their IP address. 


We strongly condemn the use of piracy-promoting websites that are illegal and illegitimately distribute content online to users for free. We are fully aware of the laws and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, 1957 and are full compliance of the clauses of the said Act. Through this article, we aim to educate our investors about the risks associated with the use of such illegal websites. Please refrain from downloading or streaming content from these illegitimate sources and use only authorized platforms for your streaming requirements. Also encourage your friends and family to adapt more ethical ways of watching content online and to curb the use of illegal websites that put them and their computer systems at a lot of risk. Please practice caution against such websites and keep yourself and your computers safe. 


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