What Is R6Tab And How To Use R6Tab Bot On Discord?

R6tab is the Rainbow Six Siege States Tracker play of new worlds where you take in the sights in tab stats and update with in-game overlay. There are live match stats in “tablive” for Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox, PC, and more.


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How To Login for Discord or Twitch?

If you are looking for a login process, then it means that you have the Tabwire membership.

So open the TabStarts.Com page into a web browser.

Click the “Membership” button located at the top right of the screen.

The page will load, and you will see the Tab wire member login option appears on the screen.

Click on “Login with Discord” or “Login with Twitch.” (I go with Discord login)

Enter “Email or Phone Number” and “Password” to the provided field.

Click the “Login” button, and if you entered all the information correctly, you get a successful login.

Note: These platforms’ email addresses will be used to create your Tabwire account. These platforms only allow us to access your Username, Email, and Avatar.

How To Registered And Get Discord Login Details.

If you haven’t registered for Discord login, then you need to go to the login page.

Step#1. Here you get the “Register” link located under the login button.

Step#2. The page will load, and you have to enter “EMAIL,” “PASSWORD,” “DATE OF BIRTH” to the provided field and then click the “Continue” button.

Step#3. follow the instruction and complete the process to get registered.

Step#4. Once registered is successfully done, go to the login page and enter the details to get access to the login account.

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Enjoy r6tab.

How to use the r6tab bot on discord?

If you don’t know how you can use the r6tab bot on discord, then here is the simple solution which you can follow,

The command should be typed into a channel (bot must have access to the track), and the bot will respond. Each bot uses different powers. The bot on my server uses the following: r6s rank, r6s statistics (username).

It will work, and already using it for my bot discord.

How many events will we pick at a time?

Every time you vote for an event, there will be 5 at a time, and you only vote once. Btw If an event was picked last week and you can vote once per event. The rotation will not include an event that was selected last week.

Can I put an API link to Discord Bot in Rainbow Six Siege?

When you put the link o the API to make a discord bot, then “Stats of Account” will appears on screen, and everything works. If you use the type “Own Name” (!level THISISMYUSERNAME) to get the level of your account, then you will get the error type “Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”. It means that only one function is allowed to your bot, and for more code, you need to contact support to get the complete code.

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How To Make Your Own Rainbow Roles Bot – Discord?

If you want to make your Rainbow Roles bot discord, you can follow the best video tutorial, which allows you to learn all the details to make your discord bot for Rainbow Roles. Open the video and understand the following

How do you check rainbow stats?

You can check your stats and compare game progress with other players at http://www.splintercell.com/match. Log in with the email and password associated with your Uplay account to view your progress.

How to check the banned list of siege in tab stats?

If you want to know the banned list or need an update about it, you can click on the tab stats tabstats.com link will take you to the updated list of banned.

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