TuMangaonline – Best Place To Watch Manga Online En Español [Update]

Tumangaonline was created to provide a better and more comprehensive experience than the existing manga web viewers. It revolutionized the viewer concept in June 2014, thanks to the support and collaboration of users and escalation. You can find fan-made translations as well as personal creations from different users, particularly Spanish-speaking. These have been freely published and unrestricted so that everyone can enjoy them in TuMangaOnline.

Tumangaonline doesn’t translate the content here. It is merely a repository that has its viewer. It allows different translation groups to share their projects in public, organized manner for everyone. If you want to know how this works, you can follow it until the end, where you get information about features, new program functions, TuMangaOnline App, and more.

Features of TuMangaOnline:

The following features/function will help you to understand how TuMangaOnline works. Ensure that you read all the points that might guide you to operate the function on the tumangaonline website.

1#. Mode (Night/day): You can activate the night and day mode from the top menu. It also modifies the colour templates used on the website.

2#. Selector of Language: You can set up the web in various languages from the top menu. Only the chapters and sleeves that correspond to each language will appear.

3#. Popular: You will find the most popular manga at the top of this page. These are the 12 chapters that have been viewed the most in the past 24 hours.

4#. Trending: Trending functions in the same way as popular manga. However, it is updated more frequently to indicate that one of the chapters is trending.

5#. Schedule Lists: To make the pending chapters of a book appear, you must select the status of the work. Establishing a list will allow you to see all the results that have a pending chapter.

6#. Latest additions: This section will allow you to view the most recent works on the internet. Please note that every x hours, the latest additions updated are made.

7#. Latest uploads: This section will allow you to view the 120 most recent chapters uploaded to the internet. It is updated every five minutes.

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What Is New Program Function In TuMangaOnline?

The new programming function, “Programming Lists”, replaces the older programming in the tumangaonline website. It works by using lists that can be created or followed by others. The statuses on the web will continue to be used to mark the pages of work that are included in our schedules. This new function allows us to create programming lists and share them with the community. We invite you to create your lists to share with the rest.

How To Upload Chapters In TuMangaOnline

The possibility of successful uploads can be done if you are a member of at least one group. You can access all information about the groups via the group control panel from your user panel.

You can upload a chapter through the different methods are as follows:

Website Method:

Step#1. You can upload any manga you wish to upload using the Upload chapter button on the homepage.

Step#2. You can upload a chapter by clicking the Upload chapter button in a working document.

Group Control Panel Method:

Step#1. You can choose any manga that has been previously published in otakuteca and upload it to this group by clicking the Upload chapter button.

Step#2. Use the Upload chapter button in each project to select the work and group you wish to upload a chapter.

How To Create A List In TuMangaOnline?

You can either create a new list by clicking the “Create a list” button on your profile or the “Add to list” button on each file.

Now add a work to the list.

Method#1. You can also see which lists are currently included by clicking the “add to List” button next to work.

Method#2. You can select multiple works from the list by clicking the “add all” button near your profile status (see viewed and follow, etc.).

Method#3. Editing the otakuteca list can be used to add elements without any special status. If you are not in any state, the chapters not marked will be displayed.

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How To Follow a List on TuMangaOnline?

As long as the list is marked “public”, you can follow it by clicking the “followers” button.

How To Edit a list on TuMangaOnline?

The “edit” button allows you to edit the list. You can modify the Title, description, choose an image, and decide whether the list will be made public or private. You can also edit the order in which words appear on the list or delete it.

How To Search Groups on TuMangaOnline?

You can search for and consult groups published in yourmangaonline by using the “Groups” section located in the upper menu.

TuMangaOnline website is safe to read manga for all ages?

Manga is a famous anime chapter to read of all times, but sometimes it contains adult content which does not appropriate for age. So it is not safe for kids and children under 13 to read the manga.

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How To Download and Install TuMangaOnline App On Android Phone/Tablet

Some third-party sources provide the Tumangaonline app for Android devices, but these apps constantly come at risk. It is better to download any app from the official platform. We researched and found that the official Google Play Store also adds the tumangaonline app on its official play store database.

TumangaOnline Apk allows you to read Japanese literature using pictures. You can read the stories through images. It is often called manga in Japan. This is well-known in Asia as well as other regions.

To Download You Need To Follow

  1. On your Android device, open Google Play Store and type name in the search bar “TuMangaOnline App – Tu Manga Online Español”.
  2. When a search result appears, tap on the relevant app which matches the search name.
  3. The app page is loaded, now tap on the “Install” button, and the rest of the Android system will do as downloading and installing into your Android device.
  4. Once all processes are completed, close all windows and tab on the TuMangaOnline app icon to launch the app on your Android device.

Enjoy….. Manga…

Related Information:

Updated: April 28, 2021

Size: 5.1M

Current Version: 1.0

Requires Android: 4.1 or above


You can use the above download button to get the direct tumangaonline app official play store page.

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