How To Watch & Download Doraemon Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum Full Movie [Update]

Doraemon, the movie nobita’s secret gadget museum, is an original Japanese movie directed by Yukiyo Teramoto and Higashi Shimizu based on Doraemon. This movie was released in March 2013 with a total length of 104 minutes. This Doraemon movie hit the box office around $50 million, making the best records in the cartoon movies industry.

Even today, Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum movie has been watched by its fans worldwide. There is a different platform where people are searching to watch a complete Doraemon movie. With our research now, you can watch Doraemon, the movie nobita’s secret gadget museum 2013, online for free in Hindi by following the instruction. You can also download a complete movie in different resolutions.

Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum is original made in Japanese language but also translated in Hindi (डोरेमोन: गैजेट म्यूजियम का रहस्य), Spanish (Doraemon y Nobita Holmes en el misterioso Museo del Futuro), Thai (โดราเอมอน เดอะมูฟวี่ ตอน โนบิตะล่าโจรปริศนาในพิพิธภัณฑ์ของวิเศษ) and Chinese (大雄的秘密道具博物馆).

How To Watch Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum Online

If you want to watch Doraemon, the movie nobita’s secret gadget museum in Hindi online, you can follow the Dailymotion official links consisting of two parts. You can click on the Dailymotion link, and it will lead to your web browser online. You need to get a strong internet connection that does not slow while watching Doraemon nobita’s secret gadget full museum movie.

Doraemon: Gadget Museum Part-1

Doraemon: Gadget Museum Part-2

The title name in the Hindi version was changed and named as Doraemon Secret Gadget Museum ka Rahasya.

Dailymotion online watches player provide different resolutions to play Doraemon Secret Gadget Museum movies such as 144p, 240p, 380p, and 480p.

How To Download Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum

If you want to watch Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum full movie without internet support, then you have to download the video into your storage. This downloaded file can play into your Smart TV, Smart Phone, Window, or Mac Laptop/PC. Follow the steps, and you can watch it non-stop by downloading the process.

Step#1. Open URL into a web browser

Step#2. Copy the above link, paste it into the big green color search bar, and click the “Download” button.

Step#3. You will see your video thumbnail and title next to the menu. Click download to start or click on the drop-down menu to choose your video quality if you are not satisfied with the default.

Step#4. Once you choose your video quality, it will start downloading the video file into your default downloads folder or the direction you changed for the download file.

It is free to download such a certain advertisement popup in a new tab browser, close the ads tab.

Step#5. Once the file is downloaded, there will be no watermarks on the videos you download. Click on the downloaded file to check the quality of the video you wish to watch on your device.

You can download both parts one by one and watch them on Smart TV, Smartphone/tablet, Windows or Mac Laptop/PC.


Watch Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum On Netflix / Amazon Prime

If you have subscribed to Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can watch Doraemon movies and episodes in HD quality. Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon that gets fans by the children of the entire world.

Doraemon On Netflix:

Now you can watch Doraemon in high quality on Netflix, but some of the movie versions are only shown when you log in to Netflix in Japan. In that case, you can follow the instruction to watch Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum full movie on Netflix.

Step#1. First, you have to install “NordVPN” into your system.

Step#2. Now navigate your location to a Japan-based server.

Step#3. Launch “Netflix” and then go to search bare.

Step#4. Type “Doraemon” and go through the search results. There you will see all the movies and episodes list of Doraemon, including Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum.

Step#5. Select any Doraemon content from the search result and enjoy your show.

Doraemon On Amazon Prime:

If you have already subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can watch it on Amazon Prime by launching the app on your smart device, smart TV, or Laptop/PC system. Go to the search bar and type “Doraemon,” then click the search button. You will get entire Doraemon movies and TV series content in search results. Click on any doreamon and enjoy the show.


Doraemon is one of the famous Japanese cartoons that you can watch with your children. The content and the story are so attractive that anyone loves to watch Doraemon anytime, anywhere. Doraemon: nobita’s secret gadget museum that releases in 2013 and still gets the attention of its fans can now download and watch offline using the above guide and official link. If you want to know more about the other place from where you can watch this Doraemon movie full version, then share the platform in the comment box, and we will guide you.

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