Best Real-Time Pokémon Go NYCPokeMap In 2021

NYCPokeMAP is a replica map of New York City shows on the Pokémon hunting map. If you are familiar with the New York City local places such as City Hall, Lower Manhattan, Chambers Street, Ann Street, Theater Alley, Park Row, and other real areas, the name is the same as the same map Pokémon NYC Map.

This online map was designed for the Pokémon hunter located in NYC, where they get the same name with the same square turn and shops, all latest updated in nycpokemap.

If you are a New Yorker and a fan of the Pokémon Go game, this real-time NYC map will help you catch your favourite Pokémon that might be close to your location. So check out the interesting features that you can do lots more with NYCPokéMap.

How To Use NYCPokéMap

If you want to catch Pokémon in New York City, you need an active website allowing you to be visible to all those Pokémon’s located in your area.

Step#1. Open NYCPokéMap URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Page load, and you will see the real-time map of New York with the same street and area name as you can see on Google Map. You can also cross-check by open a local area location on Google Map, the perfect map in town.

 Step#3. Click on the “Raid” tab, and including QUEST notification will appear in a small rectangular box click on it to get more Raid with the quest.

Step#4. Click on “Quest” tap and check out more filters, here can zoom in and click on any Pokémon to check the details “Pokestop Name”, “Quest”, and “Reward”.

Step#5. Click on “Pokéstop”, and the map will load with those Pokémon’s where team rocker has invaded. If you want to see the details of any Pokémon, then click on it and see “Grunt Type” “Pokéstop Name” “Ending in”. It will help you to catch your Pokémon before it runs away.

Step#6. If you want to check out the different “Grunt Type”, then you can click on “Filter” as you are on the “Pokéstop” tab, and you will see the grunt types list, tick on it, and it will appear on your nycpokemap.

What types of Grunt are available in the NYCPokéMap Pokéstop tab filter?

Types of grunt you will see in the filter are “Giovanni, Ario, Cliff, Sierra, Grunt, Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water and Electric”.

What Types of Raid are shown in Raid Filter?

If you want to visible the Raid details on NYCPokéMap, you can open the website, click on the Raid tab, and then click on the “Filter” tab. It will show you the list of “Ex Raid eligible only, weather boosted only, Mystic gyms, Valor gyms, Instinct gyms, Egg, Boss, Tier 1, Tier 3, Tier 5, Tier Mega”. If you use this filter at night, then nothing will appear on your MAP because RAIDS does not operate at night.

What Types of Pokéstop are shown in Pokéstop Filter?

When you click on “Pokéstop” tab and map will load, then click on filter tab list will pop-up at left side on map. Here you will see “Stardust (200/500/100/1500), Pokémon Candy (Mega Energy: Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Beedrill/Pidgeot/Houndoom/) (Pokémon Encounter: Bulbasaur/Charmander/ Squirtle/ Metapod/ Kakuna/ Vulpix/ Jigglypuff/ Poliwag/ Machoke/ Onix/ Exeggutor/ Magikarp/ Eevee/ Omanyte/ Kabuto/ Aerodactyl/ Dratini/ Chikorita/ Cyndaquil/ Totodile/ Sudowoodo/ Hoppip/ Yanma/ Murkrow/ Dunsparce/ Gligar/ Snubbull/ Mantine/ Treecko/ Torchic/ Mudkip/ Wurmple/ Ralts/ Shroomish/ Whismur/ Spinda/ Lileep/ Anorith/ Absol/ Bagon/ Beldum/ Bidoof/ Kricketot/ Gible/ Hippopotas/ Snover/ Audino/ Tympole/ Stunfisk/ Bunnelby), (Item: Poké Ball/ Great Ball/ Ultra Ball/ Razz Berry/ Pinap Berry/ Golden Razz Berry/ Rare Candy)”.

List Of The Similar And Alternatives Sites Like NYCPokeMap

Many website designs catch Pokémon in different regions and areas, such as the nycpokemap location in New York City. You can find your best Pokémon through these Pokémon catch websites and increase your pokemon collection with beautiful, smart and powerful Pokémon’s.

Note: Some sites are not official announced by Pokémon owners, which means that some of these sites might not work in your regions due to shut down.


Best Pokémon Go Map To Catch On Android Phone/Tablet

If you are an Android user, you can install the Pokémon app on Android from the official Google play store. There are third-party apps that help you to install the Pokémon Android app on your device, but these apps are not usually secure and safe to install into your Android device. Sometimes it comes with the hacker’s portal to steal your data from the device, or sometimes it needs device root to install the app, which is not a secure method. So it is better that you go with the official, secure way to install the Pokémon app into your Android device.

Suggestion: To download the app into your Android device, search the name on your PlayStore app search option, or you can open this page into your Android web browser and tap on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

1 #. PokéRaid – Worldwide Remote Raids:

PokéRaid is the best place to join Worldwide Pokémon GO Raids. Since the announcement of Remote Raids, more than 1.000.000 Remote Raids was already hosted all over the globe.

Related Information:

Updated: July 17, 2021

Size: 42M

Current Version:

Requires Android: 5.0 or above

Download Now

2 #. PokeTrade:

Go Trade Center allows trainers to create a wishlist and list their monsters. This will allow them to connect with other trainers. These are the key features that make it cool.

Related Information:

Updated: February 19, 2021

Size: 8.0M

Current Version: 0.7.5

Requires Android: 4.1 or above

Download Now

3 #. Pokémaps:

Pokémaps laat pokemons in jouw gegebied zien! Everything is mogelijk met genoeg mensen! Information gebaseerd over een interactieve map. Notificaties. All info is gebaseerd on de gehele communitie.

Related Information:

Updated: August 7, 2020

Size: 4.2M

Current Version: 4.0

Requires Android: 4.1 or above

Download Now


Locate the coordinates of the top super nests in the world, as rated and published by the same community.

Related Information:

Updated: June 7, 2021

Size: 12M

Current Version: nest:1.5

Requires Android: 4.3 or above

Download Now

5 #. PoGo Types:

Click a few buttons to instantly see the best types for a Pokemon of your choice.

Related Information:

Updated: December 4, 2019

Size: 1.1M

Current Version: 1.2.0

Requires Android: 4.0 or above

Download Now

6 #. PokeSouth:

This app provides trainers with the different CPs of each Pokemon and the counters they can use to side them. This app also makes use of Pokemon. NZ’s services, which show the latest raids and quests around them.

Related Information:

Updated: May 12, 2020

Size: 19M

Current Version: 3.2

Requires Android: 5.0 or above

Download Now

7 #. Map coordinate:

The Map Coordinate app allows you to quickly find your location, address and navigation directions to get you to where you want to be. The app will not save or transmit any user information. If your device doesn’t have a compass sensor, the compass feature won’t work.

Related Information:

Updated: July 7, 2021

Size: 9.9M

Current Version: 1.1.50

Requires Android: 4.4 or above

Download Now

8 #. Alola Guide – Map and services

This app allows you to see where all Pokemon are located in the alola region.

Related Information:

Updated: May 17, 2020

Size: 23M

Current Version: 0.3

Requires Android: 4.4 or above

Download Now

Check out more rare and strong Pokémon that you can get in New York City by following the latest updates of NYC Poké Alert on Twitter.

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