Now You Can Easily Get & Use Peculiar Pinion Gadget [Update]

The Peculiar Pinion gadget is one of the Gadgets obtained at the World Quest Octave of the Maushiro. It can trigger Mysterious Carvings located on Tsurumi Island.

If you don’t know how to get the Peculiar pinion gadget and use it, here are some suggestions that will help you get your gadget.

Peculiar Pinion is an item that can be obtained as a quest in the Seirai Stormchasers (Part IV) World Quest.

Peculiar Pinion is an item from the quest which transforms into a device during the Octave of the Maushiro quest in Genshin Impact. Learn about how to acquire the Peculiar Pinion and how you use it, and more details.

How to Get the Peculiar Pinion?

The Seirai Stormchasers is a series of Inazuma World Quests that are part of Genshin Impact.

Start the full Seirai Stormchasers quest series by speaking to Katheryne Inazuma. Then, you will be required to meet and talk with Eiko on Seirai Island. You can also gain access to the quest by heading straight to Eiko’s place.

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How To unlock Thunder Manifestation?

It is also the sole method for unlocking this Thunder Manifestation, the Electro version of the Oceanid boss introduced in Genshin Impact Version 2.1. This Thunder Manifestation is the Electro version of the Oceanid boss that was introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1

Warding Stone Puzzle Solution:

To ensure the Warding Stones seal them, you have to rub three paper Charm Hangers. After that, you need to turn either the top or bottom stone to complete the puzzle. You’ll know that you’ve got the right thing if the cutscene starts.

Warding Stone Puzzle Solution

All Walkthrough Summaries:

The walkthroughs contained in this guide are simply summaries of each of the Stormchasers Seirai. Click the links below to view the complete walkthroughs of each quest.

[Stormchasers: Part I, Stormchasers: Part II, Stormchasers: Part III, Stormchasers: Part IV]

Seirai Stormchasers (Part I):

Stormchasers (Part I Quest Rewards) IMAGE


Find out from the Inazuma’s Katheryne, who is The Inazuma Adventurer’s Guild, is bringing adventurers together to explore Seirai Island recently.

Stormchasers (Part I Quest Rewards)

Stormchasers (Part I Quest Rewards) IMAGE

Seirai Stormchasers (Part II):

Stormchasers (Part II Quest Rewards) IMAGE

When you arrive on Seirai Island, you meet two adventurers looking into something called The Warding Stone. However, after following the footprints of cats, you land at a ruined shrine inside the cat ”Neko”, a member of the Asase Shrine. After helping ”Neko’ restore the Offering Box, It reveals how to seal all four Warding Stones. It is shown that you must be successful in filling the four Warding Stones across Seirai Island.

Stormchasers (Part II Quest Rewards)

Stormchasers (Part II Quest Rewards) IMAGE

Seirai Stormchasers (Part III):

Stormchasers (Part III Quest Rewards) IMAGE

Head east to the east of Statue of Seven, and speak to Taisuke. Use the Phase Gate nearby to travel towards a platform equipped with the Thunder Sakura Bough.

You can summon an Electrogranum to speed across Thunder Spheres till you get to a platform marked with the Teleport Waypoint. Its Warding Stone is beside the waypoint.

There are Three Paper Charm hangars that you must touch, and all at different locations. The one closest to the Warding Stone, then head north by using those Thunder Spheres.

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The northern Paper Charm is accessible by touching the Hangar. Utilize either or both the Teleport Waypoint and the ThunderSpheres to get back to Warding Stone.

When you return at the Warding Stone, then head to the south with the Thunder Spheres. Then, touch on the Paper Charm Hangar.

Return at your Warding Stone to rotate the top three times and then lower five times to be in line with the Paper Charm Hangars. This triggers an action sequence, and the next section will be released.

Stormchasers (Part III Quest Rewards)

Stormchasers (Part III Quest Rewards) IMAGE

Seirai Stormchasers (Part IV):

Stormchasers (Part IV Quest Rewards) IMAGE

The quest will require you to complete the fourth and last Warding Stone. Make use of your Sakura Bough past the Warding Stone and summon an Electrogranum.

When you reach the end of the Thunder Spheres, there will be a second Sakura Bough. Repetition the summoning process to summon Electrograna and continue along the Thunder Sphere route until you get to Warding Stone 4.

Make sure to touch all three Hangers with Paper Charms to The Warding Stone. Secure with the last Warding Stone by turning the bottom twice and followed by the two top times, and so on.

A cutscene will begin to play, and a platform beneath that Warding Stone will form. Begin to descend and then approach the Electro waves that are in the center of the floor.

Take on this Thunder Manifestation that appears.

Continue exploring by heading to the edges of the platform. There, summon an Electrogranum. Again, follow your Thunder Sphere path upwards.

At the final point of the trail, there will be a Precious Chest luxurious Chest as well as an Electroculus! A Peculiar Pinion is also at the same spot.

Find the Peculiar Pinion, and report the incident the report to Taisuke as well as Eiko. Complete the conversation to complete the quest.

Stormchasers (Part IV Quest Rewards)

Stormchasers (Part IV Quest Rewards) IMAGE

To Turn the Peculiar Pinion into a Gadget

It would help if you played through the octave of the Maushiro Quest

It is only possible to make use of the Peculiar Pion in the Octave of Maushiro Quest. This is the second installment of the Through the Mists quest series.

Unlock Octave of the Maushiro:

The Octave quest of Maushiro is a quest with a time limit that will only be activated on the server reset after having completed “A Particularly Special Author. The pursuit is time-locked. We suggest that you complete The Particularly Specific Author Quest as quickly as you can.

How to Use the Peculiar Pinion

To be used the Thunderbird Statues on Tsurumi Island, you can use the Peculiar Pinion to turn on the Thunderbird Statues located on Tsurumi Island. The Thunderbird Statues resemble birds and will glow when you apply the Peculiar Pinion device.

To Get Stone Slates:

Also, you’ll need the Peculiar Pin to gather your Stone Slates in Tsurumi Island as the puzzles required require activation of Thunderbird Statues.

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Check out the list of Gadgets

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