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Filmyzilla is an amazing website that providers its users with latest Hollywood and movies without charging anything. The Filmyzilla website is a piracy promoting website. Over the past several years, such websites have flooded the internet. The entertainment industry has been against such piracy websites because it reduces the number of viewers going to theatres to watch movies. The Filmyzilla website has a large collection of all types of video content such as movies, tv shows and web series. It also has collections of regional movies in various Indian languages. The Filmyzilla is most popular because of its first mover advantage because it leaks the upcoming movies for its users, at times, even before the movies arrive in the theatres.

The Filmyzilla website features a wide range of content for its international user base that hail from various different parts of the globe. The website has content to satisfy the needs of all users regardless of what they are looking for. However, Hollywood movies continue to be at the center of the website. All recently released and upcoming movies, TV shows, and web series from Hollywood would be uploaded on the Filmyzilla website before anywhere else on the internet. Also, all the old Hollywood movies are also available on the website for users who are in the mood to reminisce their good old days with some popcorn on their couch.

The Filmyzilla website is known for providing its users with extraordinary experience. Among other similar websites that provide movies and other video content for free download, the Filmyzilla website definitely comes out on top because of several reasons. The website boasts a wide range of resolutions for its entire video collection ranging from 360p to 1080p. Because of this, users prefer always downloading their content from this website as best as possible because the video quality that the Filmyzilla website is able to provide is hard to find elsewhere on the internet.

The Filmyzilla website started as a small website which had only the most basic functions and provided users with the latest movies that arrive at the box-office. However, they were able to grow at a brisk pace and began to drive tremendous traffic to their website. Users looking for downloading free movies flooded the website and contributed to its growth story. As of today, Filmyzilla is one of the most successful platforms provided free movie and video content downloads to its users worldwide.

What exactly is Filmyzilla?


Filmyzilla is a website that provides pirated copies of movies and other video content to its users for free download. The Filmyzilla website functions pretty much the same as other websites that provide free movie downloads. The website is illegal in nature because it promotes piracy. It costs the entertainment industry, especially the movie producers and theatres, a significant amount of revenue loss because whenever users download free movies from websites like Filmyzilla, they are very unlikely to visit the theatres and purchase a ticket for the same movie subsequently. The website hosts movies of several domains like Bollywood, Hollywood, and Kollywood.

The Filmyzilla uploads its entire content library through torrents. A group unknown and anonymous people provide users with these services. The users, upon visiting the Filmyzilla website, may explore through the available content and look for the movie or content that they are looking for. Next, they can begin to download their favorite films without having the incur any charges. The users may use any browser to visit the Filmyzilla website, all they need to do is input the website’s URL. These illegal and piracy promoting websites, although charge nothing to the users, earn a significant amount from operating these websites.

If you’re wondering how they make money without charging the users anything, let us tell you how. These websites display ads through advertisers like Google AdSense on thei website. Whenever the users go to these websites for downloading free content, they are bombarded with pop ups and other ads. Whenever users click on these ads, the website earns some revenue from Google AdSense. Given the fact that these websites are visited by such a large number of users, you can only imagine the size of their earnings.

Although users may be able to obtain free content through such websites, it is best not to use them because of their illegal nature. Whenever you use such websites, you promote piracy and your favorite movies end up performing poorly at the box office. Moreover, if you are caught making use of such websites, the government may initiate action against you if it so deems fit.

Features of Filmyzilla website

The Filmyzilla website has a number of features which contributes to its high popularity on the internet presently. Features of a website enhance the experience of the users by providing them an easy way to explore the website. The users, through these features, are able to interact with the interface of the website much more smoothly. Features promote the website’s user-friendliness and also hooks the users for repeated use for their next download.

We have brought for you a brief list of features of the Filmyzilla website so you can understand how the website is working towards enhanving the experience of its users by accommodating a number of features to enable users explore the vast amount of content relatively easily. The list is not exhaustive, but inclusive, as the website has plenty of features which may be hard to summarize. However, once you visit the website and execute your first download, you will most likely understand almost all features of the Filmyzilla website and how they are extremely helpful to users whenever they are attempting to download content of the website.

1. The website has an absolutely giant collection of video content which includes movies, web series, TV shows, among others. Filmyzilla has all that a user could possibly want. The sheer amount of content available on the website is often enough to overwhelm a user.

2. The website enables its users to download free movies off the internet. Not only that, the website also allows users to stream these movies without having to download them. Ofcourse, a lot of this depends on the internet speed of the user. But having both options of downloading as well as streaming does give the Filmyzilla website an edge over other websites who only provide either downloading or streaming services.

3. Among other miscellaneous features, the website has placed an auto-play button on the video player of the website. The auto-play option helps users who are streaming video content from the website because the features allows users to instruct the video player to continue playing a specific list of contents without ever having to click or move the cursor.

4. The most important feature of the website is that it is free. The website does not charge any money to its users in any form. Users, whoever they may be and wherever they may be from, only have to visit the website, locate the content that they wish to download, and begin downloading. No payments are to be made to the website or any 3rd party for downloading this content.

Categories on Filmyzilla

The Filmyzilla website has divided its entire content library into various categories. The categories are pretty descriptive in nature and are large in number so as to cover the entire length and breadth of the content library. Categories are an extremely helpful feature for the users because it helps users narrow down their searches. Imagine having no categories and the entire content library just pops up in a list in front of you. How are you ever going to be able to segregate this data? To address this issue, the website users divided all this content in categories.

Users may make use of the search button to directly look for a particular movie, TV show or web series. Alternatively, the users could search for a category in which they would look to take a look for movies or other video content. When they are in that particular category, they will be able to better identify what content they are attempting to download because they will have to look through a very specific set of data rather than the entire content library.

We have brought for you a brief list of the categories available on the Filmyzilla website. These categories will help you understand the manner in which the content library has been carved out for its users so they can enjoy easier accessibility to the content and save their time and effort. The list, again, is inclusive and not exhaustive because the number of categories available on the Filmyzilla website is quite large.

  1. Movies – 18+
  2. Korean Movies
  3. Motion and Journey
  4. Malayalam Motion Movies
  5. Marathi Movies
  6. Animation
  7. Mexican Movies
  8. Arabic Movies
  9. Music
  10. Argentina Movies
  11. Thriller
  12. Australia Movies
  13. Netherland Movies
  14. Belgium Movies
  15. New Zealand Movies
  16. Bengali Movies
  17. Norway Movies
  18. Pakistani Movies
  19. Philippines Movies
  20. Bhojpuri Movies
  21. Poland Movies
  22. Bollywood Movies
  23. Punjabi Movies
  24. Cambodian Movies
  25. Canadian
  26. Chinese Movies
  27. Comedy
  28. Romance
  29. Crime
  30. Russian Movies
  31. Documentary
  32. Sci-Fi Fantasy
  33. Drama
  34. Science Fiction
  35. Household
  36. Seasons & Episodes
  37. Fantasy
  38. South African movies
  39. Finland Movies
  40. South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  41. Worldwide Swedish Movies
  42. Spanish Movies
  43. Switzerland Movies
  44. Gujarati Movies
  45. Hollywood Hindi Movies Dubbed
  46. Taiwan Historic Movies
  47. Hollywood Movies
  48. Horror
  49. Tamil Movies
  50. Hungarian Movies
  51. Telugu Movies
  52. Indonesian Movies
  53. Thailand Movies
  54. Eire Movies
  55. Thriller
  56. TV Film
  57. Israeli Movies
  58. Battle
  59. Japanese Movies
  60. Western
  61. Kannada Movies

Best Alternatives (legal)for Filmyzilla website

Promoting piracy and websites such as Filmyzilla and other similar websites is unethical. These websites cause significant losses to the entertainment industry every year. If you are a person with strong principles then you may feel morally obligated to only adopt legal ways to download or stream movies. Moreover, the illegal websites can also harm your computer system. The websites may infect your system with viruses and malwares and compromise your confidential data. Moreover, the users also run the risk of being penalized by the government in case they are caught using the illegal websites.

We have compiled a list of alternative websites that work as a substitute for Filmyzilla. These websites are completely legal and legitimate and do not contribute to piracy. They have obtained required permissions and licensing for the distribution of video content through their platforms. Please find these alternatives below.

1. Mubi

If you tend to get confused after looking at a giant library of content, you are not alone. Mubi has come to your rescue. The platform, with its limited movie catalogue, provides just the right amount of content to its users so they do not get confused. The platform regularly drops one movie off its streaming list, and adds another. As a rule of thumb, the platform keeps a movie available on its website only for a period of 30 days.

2. Apple TV+

Apple’s amazing video streaming gadget consists of 17 titles, 14 of which are tv shows while 3 are movies. Since it’s Apple, you do not have to worry about the quality of the contents on this platform. All content on this platform is a hundred percent legitimate.

3. BFI Player

The British Film Institute offers this excellent streaming platform which is composed of cult and classis movies and also provides option to pay monthly for its subscription. The platform provides users with movies that have been made in past several decades. This is an absolute goldmine for you if you are a movie buff.

Best Alternatives (Illegal) for Filmyzilla

Filmyzilla is an illegal website. Because of this, it may be banned by the government at any time without any prior notice. If it ever gets banned, the users must keep several alternatives with them to not get stuck in the absence of Filmyzilla. We have compiled a list of websites that perform the same function as that of the Filmyzilla website.

1. Khatrimaza

Khatrimaza is among the finest torrent websites available today. The website leaks all types of movies includes Bollywood, South Indian and Hollywood. The website also leaks TV shows and web series as well. The movies are provided in a range of resolutions ranging from 360p to 1080p.

2. Filmwap

The Filmywap website is popular for its immensely user-friendly interface. The website provides movies in several languages. The website is also popular for providing users with dubbed versions of movies.

3. Bolly4u

The Bolly4u website, with its large user base, provides services across the globe. Bolly4u, just like filmywap, provides dubbed version of movies for its users. Its popularity has seen a steady rise over the past several years.


1. Does Filmyzilla allow users to stream movies?

Yes, the Filmyzilla website does indeed allow users to stream movies from its website. Streaming is an ideal choice when you are not left with sufficient storage space since you are not required to download the movie.

2. How often does Filmyzilla upload new movies?

The website usually uploads the movies as soon as they are released in theatres. New Blockbuster Telugu movies in good quality will be uploaded on the same day as the release date and other higher resolution copies will follow in second or may be the third week.

3. Why are there so many ads on the Filmyzilla website?

The website earns its revenue through these ads. When users click on these ads, the websites earn money through them. Since they don’t charge the users, this how they generate their revenue.

4. Is there a way to use Filmyzilla safely?

Not really. The best way to access the website is by using a VPN. However, there are still some risks that will have to be borne by the user.


We strongly discourage the use of piracy and websites that promote it. We are aware of the rules and regulations laid out by the Copyright Act, 1957 and are in complete compliance of the same. Through our articles, we would like to educate our readers regarding the risks of using websites that promote piracy and their illegal nature. Moreover, we would like to caution our readers against use of piracy and to only pursue legitimate means for obtaining content. We would also like to encourage our users to in turn explain the risks of piracy to their friends and family and spread awareness about how they impact the entertainment industry. Users must always remain vigilant and refrain from visiting websites that put their computer systems and data at risk.

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