Tamilrockers (2020): Top 15+ Best Similar Sites Like Tamilrockers


Watching movies has become a favorite pastime of generation X with a wide range of content available for age groups. People have grown fond of movies also because of its accessibility. However, a lot of people do find theatres a luxury given the steep rise in the cost of tickets. Watching their beloved actors on the screen, they have to make use of other mediums through which they can enjoy movies. To the rescue of these people, come Torrent websites. These are websites where almost all movies are available and accessible at any place, and at any time. Torrent websites are not used only by people who find theatre tickets expensive. Others who are short on time also prefer this method of watching movies. The best option for all these modern problems are torrent websites.

No longer do people have to compromise with quality of movies on torrent websites because gone are the days when poor video quality was extremely common. Torrent websites of our times make available the best of movies at the best possible quality. The downloader has the option to select the quality based on his bandwidth or other criteria since all resolutions are available for download to users. Users may take a look around a couple of these torrent websites to explore and find out for yourself. Some of these websites, however, are banned by the government every once in a while, because they are not legal. In such a scenario, the website owner keeps the website inactive for a while and reactivates it once things settle down.

Tamilrockers: A Torrent Website?


Let’s dig into what Tamilrockers is. Tamilrockers is a popular and widely used torrent website as of today on the internet. The traffic on Tamilrockers is significantly high as compared to other similar torrent websites. This website hosts torrents for all sorts of movies, including Bollywood and Hollywood, among many other languages. The most preferred category of movies on the website is Tamil movies which is viewed, downloaded and enjoyed by a giant audience. Hence, a user can find all the freshly released and trending Tamil movies not only for downloading, but for streaming as well. Moreover, all the newly released Bollywood and Hollywood movies are also present on Tamilrockers for download and streaming by its users.

Users can also use Tamilrockersto live stream on top of downloading. The users will be able to download all the new movies in full HD resolution, i.e. 720p and 1080p, as per their preference. Users can enjoy the quality of the big screen at the comfort of their homes by using the Tamilrockers website to download their favorite movies. Users may stream high quality videos from Tamilrockers website provided they have a high bandwidth internet. The torrent site has been banned completely by the Indian government and such users are punishable under law. We advise users against the use of such websites, because they may be detained if found guilty of using them.

Tamilrockers: Features of the website

Users may want to familiarize themselves with the features of the website so they don’t run into any problems while using it and the process goes much more smoothly. Here, we list Tamilrockers’ features:

  1. This website does not charge its users anything. It can be used free of cost by users for downloading their favorite movies.
  2. When users download the movies of their choice, they are able to choose as to what resolution of video they will prefer to download and also the compatibility of the device to run the format may be found out. The website will allow users to select appropriate options and proceed accordingly with their respective downloads.
  3. A wide range of movies from both Bollywood and Hollywood can be found on the website for download by users who may select the movies of their choice and download or stream them as they like.
  4. All movies on Tamilrockers website are completely HD and the users have the option of choosing whether they would prefer downloading the movie in 480p, 720p, or 1080p. They may want to consider the device which they will be using the watch the movie before they decide to choose the resolution of the movie.
  5. Movies in all sorts of languages are available on Tamilrockers such as Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, English, etc. Also, dubbed movies can also be found on the Tamilrockers website for users who like to watch movies of different languages.
  6. Users do not require a sign up or create new accounts on the Tamilrockers website before being able to download the movies. They can straight away go on the website, look up the movies of their choice, and begin downloading right away.
  7. On top of movies, Tamilrockers also has a wide range of content and media available. Content such as trending videos, TV serials, Web series, cartoon and animation movies, etc. is also available on the website. All of this is available for users to download withoutany cost.
  8. The website also provides users the option to download songs. If you consider yourself a music buff who enjoys songs that are new or like the tune of old songs, Tamilrockers website has all this musical content right at your fingertips. Users may download these audio files in their preferred format and enjoy the music.

Certain characteristics of the Tamilrockers website allows its users to explore all kinds of movies on the website. These downloads are the main reason why Tamilrockers website gets such great traffic as against other similar torrent websites.

Tamilrockers: Categories Available on the Website

If we discuss the categories available on the Tamilrockers website, there are a number of categories that feature on the website. Categories are a great tool which help the users make their search easier while they look for their favorite movies or music on the website. The categories make the entire experience of the website much more organized and is helpful to users as they are able to use a more systematic approach to interact with the website. A number of categories have been put up on the website which hold their respective movies in an organized fashion. For instance, there is a category specifically for freshly released movies and another category which has all the Bollywood movies. Likewise, there are plenty of categories, all of which contain a specific class of movies. The purpose of having these categories is to serve the users with a better interface that streamlines their experience of looking up movies and other media. Without categories, the users may find it really difficult to find several movies that belong to a certain specific class. These categories are updated from every once in a while, on the Tamilrockers website who keep the website up-to-date for its users who use the website for downloading their favorite movies and other such videos. Examples ofcategories available on the Tamilrockers website include:

  1. Tamil movies mobile HD
  2. Hindi Dubbed MoviesTamil Rockers
  3. Malayalam 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 Movies
  4. Malayalam Dubbed Movie Collections
  5. Dubbed MalayalamMovie Tamil Rockers Collections
  6. Malayalam A-Z Dubbed Movies
  7. Malayalam MP3 and Video Songs

Best Alternatives to TamilRockers Website

The main concern of users when they make use of a torrent website is to constantly stay updated with the alternatives of torrent websites because torrent websites may be banned by the government at any time and the user will be stuck. In such cases, users must keep certain alternatives available with themselves for when such a scenario emerges so they are able to continue to download the movies and videos as usual.

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Tamilrockers

1. Hotstar

The legal live streaming website, which has active users more than 300 million, has long been a favorite of movie buffs. Novi Digital Entertainment runs Hotstar.Hotstar is popular for its quality of service among movie fans. People who cannot download the movies from torrent websites may access Hotstar to get complete HD movies. Hotstar is a hot favorite among cricket fans who prefer watching the sport through online streaming because Hotstar allows the users to watch movies and videos in high definition resolution such as 720p and 1080p. The website saw immense growth after its launch and became popular very quickly. Hotstar’s headquarters are located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The website is accessible in countries like India, Canada, United Kingdom, and the USA.

2. Zee5

Essel group launched the Zee5 website back in 2018. Users who enjoy watching movies and TV series love using Zee5. If you happen to have missed out on any episode of a TV series, you can head over to Zee5 to download the episode with utter ease. Apart from serials and movies, the website has movies available in various languages for users such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, English, etc. The website is accessible in as many as 190+ countries globally. Zee5’s headquarters are located at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most preferred options as of today for users who love watching web series or movies in HD resolution. Amazon Prime is the perfect substitute to torrent websites that are illegal which put the users’ identity at risk. Amazon Prime is the ideal choice for users who are looking for movies and also web series. The website is owned by the American giant company Amazon Inc. The best thing about Amazon Prime is certainly that it serves users across the globe. The website was launched back in 2006, since then it has grown manifold and in its journey of growth, gave users some of the best online experience of any website.

4. Netflix

Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings launched Netflix back in 1997. Netflix’s headquarters are situated in California, USA. Netflix is considered the gold standard of streaming entertainment in today’s era. Netflix can be considered one of the best option to Tamilrockers website because it’s extremely safe. The website earns its revenue from the subscriptions of users. Users who wish to stream movies and other content from Netflix are required to pay a nominal fee to avail the services of the website.

5. Hulu

Hulu has invited widespread attention for its live-streaming platform from users across the globe. Walt Disney Company is the owner of the website. Users can explore a wide range of movies and also other videos that are currently trending, mostly in English and Japanese. The headquarters of Hulu are situated in California, USA. However, the website only serves two countries at the moment which are the USA and Japan. Hulu boasts a whopping 30 million users. The website observed steady growth after its launch in 2007. Hulu is one of your best bets while looking for legal alternatives to Tamilrockers website.

6. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a popular website competing in the Indian market which is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The management of the website is done by Sony Pictures Network. Sony Liv is currently available in countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.

If you enjoy watching movies and TV series, you might want to take a look at Sony Liv for top-rated content.

Best Illegal Alternatives

When Tamilrockers website is not functioning properly, users may make use of following illegal torrent websites to download movies and other videos.

1. Djpunjab

Users are fond of Punjabi movies and songs as these are often popular all over the world. Assuming you are also one of those users who enjoys Punjabi content, you should head over to the website where you will find all the content that you would have looked for on Tamilrockers website. A giant collection of movies and songs is available on the website where users can either choose to download or live-stream the videos.

2. 1337x

The torrent website contains all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The website has gained significant popularity because of its impeccable quality of service. Users can also find dubbed movies on this website in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, etc. This website may be considered as one of the best alternatives to the Tamilrockers website.

3. Tamilgun

Users who are fond of watching movies in Tamil may head over to this website to explore their giant collection of Tamil movies. The name of the website has been aptly chosen by the owners to portray its affinity to Tamil movies. If you like watching movies in HD quality, then expect these websites to deliver on your expectations. This is also among the best illegal alternatives to Tamilrocers website.

4. Madras Rockers

The name of the website may be associated with the capital of Tamil Nadu which we now know as Chennai. The website is appropriately named given the fact that it contains content that originates primarily from Southern India. South Indian movies tend to have a lot of action-packed scenes which the users have grown fond of. This has lead to wide popularity of the website among users. The website contains movies in complete HD resolutions like 720p and 1080p.

5. Babahd

The website has a reputation of providing users with the best quality of movies. The website is among the most ideal alternatives to Tamilrockers website whenever it stops working. The website contains movies that are decent in quality and the website also provides its users with the option of streaming content from their website. This is an advantage for the users because its quite frustrating watching movies that are in low resolution and it spoils the entire experience of watching the movie.


1. What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a torrent website where users can find movies of their choice from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The website has been trending for a long time because it provides services completely free of cost.

2. Why is Tamilrockers famous?

Tamilrockers has become immensely popular because it allows the users to download complete HD resolution movies without charging users any money. Users can download a wide range of movies and TV series from this website.

3. Is Tamilrockers safe to use?

No, it is unsafe to use Tamilrockers website because it may lead to detainment of the user by law. Instead of Tamilrockers, there are other legal alternatives that users may choose to download movies.

4. Is there an age limit for using Tamilrockers website?

No, the use of Tamilrockers website does not have an age limit and can be accessed by any person who knows how to use a computer. The website does not require the users to sign up for downloading movies.

5. What kind of movies are available on Tamilrockers?

All new movies become available on the Tamilrockers website. Even old movies may be download in HD resolution. Categories will aid the users in exploring the website well.

6. Are HD resolution movies available on Tamilrockers?

Yes, all movies available on Tamilrockers are in HD resolution. The high quality available for users are 720p and 1080p.

7. Is there any risk for our system when we use Tamilrockers?

Yes, your system may be at risk of getting corrupt because these websites are quite unsafe. Permanent damage cannot be ruled out.

8. How many different languages of movies are available on Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers has almost all the languages available. However, the most popular languages are Telugu, Tamil, English, Pubjabi, Kannada, Marathi, etc.


The readers of the article are advised to take it only as an eye-opener. The article is not intended to promote use of any torrent websites that are illegal. The article is focused on promoting use of legal websites as against the illegal ones. The content contained here is directed towards creating awareness among users to make use of legal website for downloading movies. If the users are found to be making use of illegal torrent website, they may be liable for penalty or imprisonment under law. If you wish to value the skills of your favorite actors and superstars, you are advised to abstain from use of illegal torrent websites.

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