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Movies, for generations, have been an integral part of our lives and it also helps present fresh ideas to the public at large. The demographics of a population is not among the largest contributing factors to the popularity of movies because all persons alike, regardless of their age, tend to like at least some types of movies Filmywap & Filmy4wap. Some people are also huge fans of particular stars and always like to be caught up with that actor or actresses’ latest releases. 

However, it is often difficult to find all the movies that you like on a single platform. A platform where all mp4movies old and new, horror and crime, for kids and adults, are available at the same time. Recently, there has been a surge in the number of streaming service providers worldwide. The largest among these providers is Netflix. Netflix provides users a vast amount of content including movies and web series. But Netflix charges its users a monthly or annual subscription fee.

It might so happen that a lot of people may find themselves unable to afford these subscription fees. Well, what now? Enter Filmywap! The Filmy4wap website is a one-stop-solution for all your content needs ranging from movies to tv shows. It has a giant content library that contains all the content that any person could ever want to see. What’s more, the website provides access to all of this content to all its users without charging any subscription fees like Netflix.

Nevertheless, the users must bear in mind that the website does not have any permission or authorization to distribute this content. Therefore, what they are doing is termed piracy and piracy-promoting websites are considered illegal. Because of this reason, the government reserves the right to ban the Filmy4wap website at any time without any prior notice.

What exactly is Filmywap?


Filmywap is a website where users are able to gain access to all the content including moviesmad, tv shows, and web series. The website has been created just for the purpose of making its large content library available to its users worldwide. The website does not charge any money from its users to be able to access any of the data available on its website. However, the website is considered illegal by the government because it distributes pirated content and the website may be banned at any time. 

The collection of content available on the website is absolutely enormous. Users will find moviesda from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other similar industries that operate around the world. In addition to all these movies, Filmy4wap users will also find their favorite movies in Indian regional languages including Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi, among many others. Even though the website has been labeled as illegal by the government, it has never disappointed users because even when their domains are banned, the website usually manages to stay active by switching to other domain extensions from where users can access the same website so they never have to do without their daily dose of entertainment. 

In the past, the website has become active on a number of domain extensions such as filmywap com, filmy4wap org, filmywap in, Filmy4wap co, among many others. The users also have the option to stream their favorite content as an alternative to download the movie or tv show as the case may be. The website consists of a large volume of songs in a number of languages that the users can access without incurring any cost at all. 

Features of the Filmywap website

The Filmywap website is certain only of the most feature-rich website that currently provides services of free downloading and streaming to users. The features of the website allow its users to easily navigate through the website without having to spend any extra time on content that is not quite relevant for them.

We have compiled a brief list of the features of the website to help users better understand the advantages that these features bring to the Filmywap website and how it ranks among other websites that offer more or less the same services to its users free of cost.

  1. The website has some of the largest content libraries in the world, especially the movie collection on the Filmywap website is extraordinary. If you consider yourself a movie buff and constantly find yourself looking for movies that you can watch, think no more. Head over to the Filmy4wap website and make use of its extensively listed categories to find yourself some amazing movierulz that you can download or stream for watching with your loved ones at the comfort of your home. The movies are not only from Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other similar industries that exist around the globe. Moreover, the website also has a lot to offer in the web series and tv shows space which the users may find helpful if they are big fans of shows like Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, etc.
  2. Another excellent feature of the website is that it provides all of its content in full high definition resolution. Users who are already familiar with the practice of downloading and streaming movies online will be able to appreciate the importance of video quality. The website allows its users to download or stream movies in a wide range of resolutions starting from 360p and it goes all the way up to 1080p. When using the Filmy4wap website, users can rest assured that the video quality of the content they download will never be an issue. 
  3. Next, the website has beautifully categorized its entire content library. The users of the website may often be unsure of what sort of movie or tv show they are looking for. In such cases, these categories may enable the users to filter the content library down to a certain classification from where the user may choose a movie of his liking. The Filmy4wap website provides enough categories for users to be able to find specifically what they are looking for so the users do not have to spend a lot of time understanding how the entire process will work out.
  4. The website’s creators are pretty vigilant. The website does tend to get banned from time to time by the government because of its illegal nature. However, the creators find workarounds for such bans and use alternate domain extensions. So effectively, we can conclude that the website is never offline and the users can always rely on the Filmy4wap website for their daily content requirements. 
  5. The website has an extremely user-friendly interface. The users do not have to be tech-savvy persons to be able to work their way through the website’s mechanism. It is pretty straightforward and hassle-free. The creators have paid extra attention to keeping the interface clean and tidy so users never have to deal with any issues or confusion when they are downloading or streaming 123movies or tv shows from the Filmy4wap website.
  6. All people have their own set of issues that keep them from keeping up to date with all the latest movies that release every week. Regardless of whether the reason is lack of time or money, the Filmywap website allows users to watch all these newly released movies as soon as they hit the theatres. The users can now stay stress-free about not being able to watch new movies because the Filmy4wap website has you covered. All the latest movies and tv shows can be download from the amazing Filmywap website in a matter of few clicks, completely free of cost. 
  7. Last but definitely not least, the website is free. Most platforms that offer online streaming services to its users ask for a monthly or annual subscription fee. A lot of people might be unable to pay such an amount for streaming content online. The Filmywap website solves this issue because it does not charge its users any money at all and provides all its content free of cost so the users never have to worry about not being able to keep up to date with the newly released movies.

Categories on Filmywap

Categorization plays a critical role in enhancing the user-friendliness of a website. Categories help users make sense out of an enormous pool of content that contains all sorts of Katmoviehd Filmy4wap and tv shows from various genres and languages. To be able to narrow down their search, users require categories. Categories serve as an important tool for these users because they save them a lot of time and effort that would otherwise go into manually segregating the entire library on the website. 

We have put together some categories for our readers they are able to get a gist of what they should expect when they land on the Filmywap website. 

1. Bollywood Movies

Among the very popular categories, the Bollywood movies categories feature, as the name suggests, all the Bollywood movies. The category includes old as well as new movies from across various genres. Users of the Filmywap website have made this category the most popular category as suggested by the statistics collected by the website. People from across the world can download Bollywood movies from the Filmy4wap website.

2. 2020 Hindi Movies

Next on the list is another extremely popular category on the website that features all the latest releases from Bollywood. The category features exclusively Hindi movies, and among those, the ones which were released in 2020. Even though not many movies have been released this year owing to the coronavirus pandemic, there are quite a few movies on the website for users who are specifically looking for Hindi movies that released this year.

3. Action Movies

A category based on one of the most popular genres – action Gomovies. Even though not everyone is a fan of action movies, there is a certain class of people who like to watch exclusively action movies Filmy4wap only. Guys, rejoice! The Filmywap website has arranged a category that features all the top action movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood so you can have these movies at your fingertips at all times without having to incur any charges. 

4. Thriller Movies

Another niche genre available on the website is Thriller movies. If you are a person who enjoys thrill and suspense, look no further because the Filmywap website has created a category to serve your desires. The category consists of a large collection of movies belong to this genre from across the world in a number of international as well as regional languages. 

5. Horror Movies

Yet another widely popular category on the Filmywap website is the Horror Movies Filmy4wap category. Perhaps you are spending the night with your naughty siblings and are in the mood for some chilly shivers and goosebumps. Well, rest assured, you will be frightened by the movies available on the amazing Filmy4wap website.

Best Alternatives (Illegal) to Filmywap

We always recommend our users to keep a couple of alternatives handy to a website like Filmywap. The reason behind such recommendation is that, since the Filmy4wap website is illegal, the government may ban it anytime. Even though the website does usually manage to stay online through alternate domain extensions, there’s no guarantee that they will always be able to find a workaround. In case when the Filmy4wap becomes inaccessible, the users must not be left out to dry in absence of viable alternatives from where they can download their content. We have put together a couple of these alternatives so users never have to blink an eye if the Filmy4wap website is banned. 

1. Tamilgun

Tamilgun is considered is among the most standard websites for downloading content online. The website had initially been created to share only Tamil content. However, this became a reason for the website’s slow growth because the website was not bringing in enough traffic. Following this, the creators decided to make content from all over the available on the website. The website has grown heaps and bounds after unlocking such potential. The website now contains movies from Bollywood Filmy4wap, Hollywood, Tollywood, and Tamil movies as well.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is perhaps the most internationally recognized name when it comes to illegal websites that provide downloading and streaming services to its users free of cost. The website began its journey back in 2012 and has since been able to garner a large audience throughout the world with its exceptional quality of service. 

3. Madras Rockers

Next on our list of illegal alternatives is the Madras Rockers website which provides users with content in a plethora of regional languages including Telugu, Tamil, English, Hindi, among others. The website is well-known for its exceptional video quality which ranges between 360p and 1080p.

4. Tamilyogi

The website is popular for leaking movies before they release on the big screen. The website hosts almost all movies Filmy4wap both from Hollywood as well as Bollywood. The website, of course, also features a large number of Tamil and Telugu movies as well. 

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Filmywap

While the above-mentioned alternatives are illegal in nature, the users may choose not to use those because those websites could potentially cause permanent damage to your computer systems. If you are one of those people, then keep reading for our list of legal alternatives to the Filmy4wap website.

1. Disney+

This amazing video-on-demand app from the popular entertainment giant Disney charges its users a monthly subscription fee in exchange for providing some of the best content online for streaming to its subscribers. 

2. HBO Now

This newly released platform has gained immense popularity in only a couple of months since its release because of the diverse range of tv shows and movies that are available on it. The subscription fee, however, can be quite heavy on the pockets.

3. Netflix

The platform requires no introduction. Everybody is well aware of the excellent services and content library provided by Netflix.

4. Amazon Prime

Another app that has been able to make its mark on the Indian streaming landscape is Amazon Prime Video. This platform is preferred by many because of its smaller price tag.

5. Tubi TV

Last but not the least, this budding platform has assumed the charge and has been able to satisfy its users with amazing online streaming services. 


1. Is there an app for Filmywap?

No. There is no app for this website. But you may find apps for other alternatives listed above.

2. Is downloading movies from Filmywap safe?

No, it is not. The website is illegal and could potentially infect your computer systems with malware and viruses causing permanent damage. 

3. How come the website becomes inaccessible sometimes?

As discussed previously, the website has been labeled as illegal by the government and so they keep banning it every once in a while.


We condemn the promotion of piracy by illegal websites. We are fully aware of the laws and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, 1957, and entirely in compliance with clauses of the said Act. Through our articles, we aim to educate our readers to only adopt ethical means of streaming content online Filmy4wap. We hope our readers will further encourage their friends and family to only use legitimate sources for obtaining content online.

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