AnimePahe: Best Way To Watch Anime Movies

When you get unlimited entertainment from any platform that connects you so deep that you cannot remove yourself from it, the same way is Anime movies and TV series, which can only be described when you watch it. Many websites are famous for delivering Anime content, and these days Animepahe website becomes popular among Anime fans.

If you are an anime lover, you can watch your favorite anime shows from the animepahe website. It is not the official website but uploaded the pirated anime movies and tv shows into the websites so visitors can watch non-stop online Japanese Anime, Chinese Anime, Korean Anime, and American Anime from the site. What happened to animepahe? This question was raised because the official AnimePahe website was shut down due to illegal copyrights issues in some countries, but due to the mirror domain and proxy sites, the Animepahe website is still providing anime content with the latest update to their fans.

About AnimePahe:

Animepahe’s names say that it is an Anime content website; here, you can get the best quality of anime movies and TV series. The government blocks the official for pirated anime movies and tv shows. Still, the developer of this website has released a mirror domain that provides data from the same origin server. It does not require a registration process to watch anime from its website and even does not have any paid subscription.

It is completely free to watch any GoGOanime content from the Animepahe website. Anime and Airing have a separated tab menu where you can go with different choices. It has uploaded Japanese anime movies and tv shows with English subbed (subtitle) and in English dubbed (dubbing in the English language). There is a separate tab menu for TV and Movies separately which allow you to get all the tv and movies collection in different pages. You can also go with the “special” tab menu page, where you can get most of the special anime list.

Are animepahe official subs?

Some of the animepahe website copy from the official movies and tv shows that also come with the official subs, while others are subbed into English titles.

Does Animepahe provide an English title or Japanese?

At the start, the Animepahe website provides only Japanese title movies and tv shows, but due to the demand of visitors now, it uploaded Japanese anime movies, and tv shows titles in English.

Latest Episode Released At Animepahe

If you want to know what type of latest update animepahe released, you can check out the recently released list on the AnimePahe website.

  1. SNACK WORLD EP-19 [Sub]
  2. Ghost Sweeper Mikami Movie [Dub]
  3. Ghost Sweeper Mikami Movie [Sub]
  4. Night Head 2041 Ep-05 [Sub]
  5. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Short Animation Series Ep-13 [Sub]
  6. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S EP-06 [Sub]
  7. TSUKIMICHI –Moonlit fantasy EP-06 [Sub]
  8. What If the Ultimate in fully Immersive VP RPGs Was a Crapp… EP-10 [Dub]
  9. Cheat Pharmacist’s Slow Lie: Making a Drugstore in Another… EP -06 [Sub]
  11. Monster Strike the Movie: Lucier Dawn o Despair Movie [Sub]
  12. WONDER EGG PRIORITY EP-13(Special) [Sub]

For More Updates, You Can Visit Animepahe – The latest episode/Movies released and scroll down to continue with 700+ pages that will make you watch non-stop.

How To Watch Anime Movie & TV Shows On AnimePahe

Step#1. Open AnimePahe active website into a web browser.

Optional: If you want to use the old website version then click on the link, otherwise follow the next step.

Step#2. If you want to watch the Movie or TV anime content, click on the above tab menu accordingly; once you enter the page, you will see the anime list. Click on the title to continue the process of watching the anime content.

Make sure when you click on any title, another tab page opens; close it because it is the advertisement pop-up which is not safe to click on it.

Suggestion: To check that this website works, I click on Movies > Monster Strike the Movie (

Step#3. Scroll down, and you will see the file in the video tab with the total time duration of the movie, click on it, and the page will load to another page.

Step#4. Here you see the big black screen with the grey play button at the center of the screen; click on it, and the movie will start playing. This player is powered by JW Player 8.21.2, and you can also change the server, which is set as the default server is “Gserver,” more servers are Eserver, Oserver, and Hserver. It will help you watch the anime movies if the current server is not working.

Enjoy your Anime movies and tv shows.

Related Information:

English: Monster Strike the Movie: Lucifer Dawn of Despair

Synonyms: モンスターストライク THE MOVIE ルシファー 絶望の夜明け

Type: Movie

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Nov 06, 2020

How To Download Anime Movies and TV series from AnimePahe

If you want to download any anime movies and tv series, you need to go to step#4 from the above guide, which will open the anime play from its online player.

Step#1. Please copy the link or share it to downloading tools available on the online internet. You can also download any downloader software into your PC then paste the link into it.

Suggestion: If you are using an Android device, then you can share the video to “Snaptube,” if you haven’t download then you can go with the following link SNAPTUBE DOWNLOAD and follow the instruction to download the app into your Android device then share your AnimePahe video link into it to download the complete video in different video resolution (320p, 480p, 720p, 1080) and size in MB.

The copy linked will be like this (

You can play the above-downloaded file into your Laptop/PC, smart TV, iPad, iPhone, MacOS PC, and more.


If you want to download AnimePahe Android App, there is a third-party source to download and watch your favorite anime movies and TV series direct rom your Android APK App.

Open the link ( and follow the instruction to download the app into your Android device. Ensure that you had enabled unknown sources from your Android device setting because this app is not official and will stop the download and installation if the unknown source is not enabled.


Now you know almost everything about Animepahe and the method to watch online or download it using a third-party app into your Android device. It is just the information and if any steps info details contain risk to your system, then avoid that method. As we already discussed, download methods process with third-party apps, so these types of apps do not last long. We hope that you learn useful information from the above guide.

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