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Hubflix is a popular piracy website that is famous among users who are looking to obtain pirated copies of movies and TV shows online. Although most users visit the Hubflix website to download their favorite Bollywood movies, the website also makes available to users a large collection of Hollywood movies, Tamil movies, Bengal movies, Kannada movies, Telugu movies, and Malayalam movies. Hubflix currently provides users access to a vast database of movies, web series, and TV shows. Hubflix also uploads Hollywood and English movies that are dubbed in Hindi for the Indian audience.

If you are a person who is always waiting for upcoming movies and watch them as soon as they are out, or a tv buff who binge watches all the favorite shows in a day, you must visit the Hubflix website. Upon arriving on the Hubflix website, users gain access to a whole universe of movies, all of which are available for download free of cost. Ofcourse, you could use other services providers like Amazon Prime or Netflix, but they might cost you some money. However, Hubflix has made it possible for everyone to be able to watch their favorite movies at 0 cost. Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind the websites like Hubflix are illegal in nature and using them constitutes a crime.

Hubflix is among many other similar portals that provide the users services of downloading free movies. The website does not require its users to sign up or register before they are able to avail the services of the Hubflix website.

When users are on the website, they may encounter a range of categories in which movies have been classified. This has been done to ensure ease-of-use by the users who visit the Hubflix website. The main issue with the Hubflix website is that it promotes piracy. The websites are usually maintained anonymously and it remains unknown who the owner of the website is. However, these people may face serious consequences should they ever be caught. Users are also liable for using such website and are punishable by law in India.

What exactly is Hubflix?

Hubflix is one of the finest and well-functioning piracy websites currently available online. Hubflix website has a giant collection of Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, English and Bengali movies which they provide to users for downloading without any charges. The giant list of old and new movies available on the Hubflix website are also uploaded and available in full high definition resolution. Even the newly launched movies are made available as soon as they are out on the box-office and print qualities of all movies are anywhere in the range starting from 360p and goes to 720p.

Hubflix has in the past illegally leaked films in various languages which include Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, English and Tamil which are provided to users as dubbed in Hindi. In fact, Hubflix is one of the very few websites which also provides Marathi movies also BestGore. Among the most popular movies available on the Hubflix website are Saho, Adhitya Verma, KadaramKondan, Pressure Cooker, Avengers: Endgame, Bahubali 1 and 2, Bharat, among many others. As of late the Hubflix website has uploaded movies such as Joker, Bird of Prey, The Lion King, Kabir Singh, Dabbang 3, and other similar movies.

Hubflix is one the most attractive alternatives for downloading movies online as of today. The website provides its users with a range of features that other sites Setfilmizle cannot simply compete with. However, the only risk users take by visiting the website is it promotes piracy. If Hubflix had been a legitime website, it could have topped the list of online platforms that provide movies for free to users. Nevertheless, people who are indifferent from the aforementioned points, may still choose to visit the website and make use of its giant collection of content.

The risks of using a piracy promoting website such as Hubflix is that the users may expose their systems to virus and malwares. It is highly likely that a user may click on a link or hyperlink through error and end up infecting the system with malwares. These malwares and viruses affect computers and mobile devices alike. So it is certainly risky to visit websites that are termed as illegal because the users’ system might face significant damage which may cost the users a lot of expensive repairs.

Features of the Hubflix website

How is the Hubflix website any different from other similar websites that provide basically the same services to users of downloading free movies in range of high definition resolutions?

Well, Hublix as a website provides users much more speed in terms of download. The video quality provided on the Hubflix website is remarkably finer than other similar websites that operate in the same niche. Moreover, the Hubflix website does not bombard its users with giant pop up ads all over the webpage which is a relief for a lot of users because most of the website that provide similar services earn a large share of their income through such advertising. We would go so far as to say that even children can safely make use of the Hubflix website because it is free of ads and is unlikely to negatively influence children in anyway whatsoever.

Also, the website allows its users to download movies in a compact file size of 300mb without compromising on the quality of the video. This is also another excellent feature exclusively available on the Hubflix website giving it an edge over other websites on the internet that provide similar services as that of Hubflix.

Hubflix Website: Categories

The Hubflix website is an all in one solution that users can make us of for all their video content requirements ranging from movies to tv shows to web series and a lot more. All the Bollywood and Hollywood movies that one could ever think of are available on this amazing website as the owners have managed to garner a large collection that tends to include all the video content which releases periodically. For ease of use, the Hubflix website has bifurcated these movies into categories.

Imagine that you, as a user, visit a particular website with an intention to download a movie and spend the next couple of hours at the end of your weekend with your family. You start up your laptop, type out the website URL in the browser and the website opens. As soon it opens, you are overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of contents that are listed on the website. You are confused what you want to see and are completely lost.

To address such issues, the owners came up with a solution which is categorization. The categories have divided the content of the website in a nice and tidy manner. This organized approach to locating content can help users look for the movie much more simply and in much lesser time. The categories are extremely specific so the users do not have to interpret any of those category names ambiguously. We have put together a list of couple of these categories for our readers to get a hint of what these categories entail.

  1. Movies – Dual Audio
  2. Bollywood Movies
  3. Dubbed Movies – South Indian
  4. 2020 Movies
  5. 2019 Movies
  6. Anime Series
  7. Netflix Series

Based on these categories, the users only have to knit-pick through a much small subset of content thereby enabling them to minimize their effort and streamline the experience of users on the Hubflix website. The users also have the option as to which quality they would like to download. The users may choose to download a movie in 300mb or could opt for downloading 480p or 1080p movies.

Best Alternatives for the Hubflix website

The internet is saturated with websites that provide free movie download services to users from all over the world. Piracy has been a prevalent force on the internet for quite some time and it is no where near over. While it is true that an abundant number of websites are available online that provides users access to free video content like movies, TV shows and web series, it must be noted that not all are comparable with the services that are provided by the Hubflix website.

The Hubflix website is one of a kind and cannot be compared with low quality websites that provide similar services to users. However, there are a couple of websites that can be put to competition with the Hubflix website. These websites provide content, functionality and quality at par with the Hubflix website. Based on our analysis of such websites that render more of less the same services to its users, we have put together a small list of websites that can be compared reasonably with the Hubflix website.

The list is aimed at helping users to make use of whenever the Hubflix website is inaccessible. The reason we recommend keeping such a list handy is because Hubflix website, afterall, is a piracy promoting website which may be banned by the government at any time without prior notice. If such a scenario arises, the users may be left without any content for days if they do not have other options from where they can download all of their content. So as a workaround for this issue, our readers can return and look through our list where they will find all their solutions related to their daily dose of entertainment.

  1. Filmywap
  2. Worldfree4u
  3. Mp4moviez
  4. SSR Movies
  5. Yts
  6. Movie Counter
  7. Putlocker
  8. Bollyshare
  9. Madras Rockers
  10. Rdxhd
  11. Teluguwap
  12. Downloadhub lol
  13. Gomovies
  14. Kettymovies
  15. Pagal World
  16. Moviesda
  17. Todaypk
  18. Bolly4u
  19. 9xmovies
  20. Tamilyogi
  21. Filmyzilla
  22. 123movies
  23. Movierulz
  24. Isaimini
  25. Tamilrockers
  26. Khatrimaza
  27. Tamilgun


1. Is the Hubflix website legal or illegal?

The Hubflix website is definitely illegal in nature. It is a torrent website which promotes piracy. Government of our country has since long made attempts to curb the use of pirated content. The reason behind this is that piracy cause a large of amount of revenue loss for the entertainment industry, especially for movie producers and the theatres. The movie producers’ earnings are affected because whenever a user downloads a pirated copy of a movie, he is unlikely to go to the theatre to watch the movie. In such way, the revenue of this person’s ticket will never be earned by the producers of the theatres because this person did not purchase a ticket but still watched the content. This is termed as unethical by the government and is therefore banned in India.

2. Is using the Hubflix website safe?

Certainly not. The Hubflix website is not at all safe for use. The website is unsafe because of various reasons. The first reason is that it is an illegal website, as discussed previously, which puts the users at great risk. The government reserves the right to punish the users of such website under law. Moreover, the website may contain harmful links and contents that may harm the device you are using. Be it a computer or a mobile phone, the same risks remain. The device may be infected by a virus or a malware. Users’ private data may be compromised. Not only that, the computer may be permanently damaged and the processor might also fail entirely.

3. Are we required to create an account of Hublix website before we can download movies?

Absolutely not. The Hubflix website does not require its users to create any accounts of sign up on the website before allowing them access to the videos. The website is completely open for use by all the visitors of the website free of cost. No cumbersome registration requirements have been put in place so the users can easily access all their favorite video content merely by landing on the website’s homepage and thereafter following the seamless process of the website for downloading the available movies.

4. What are the types of tv shows and movies that are available on Hubflix?

The website has a large collection. Any movies, be it old or new, are available on the website. The website contains all movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The Hubflix website is a one-stop solution for all the content requirements of a user. The users can input a search query with the name of the movie that they are attempting to download and the movie will appear on their screen in a matter of seconds. The entire process is pretty straightforward.

5. What are the resolutions in which the videos and movies are available on the Hubflix website?

The Hubflix website is amazing on the quality front. It provides users with all the variations of quality they could probably have in mind. The website provides the following qualities: 360p, 720p, 480p, 1080p, DVDRip, and BRRip. In fact, the website also provides a Blueray resolution and 480p resolution even for the 300mb movies, which we think is fantastic. The Hubflix website is probably among the very few websites who provides 300mb movies because these movies are preferred by people who have a lower internet speed or are using mobile phones to download the movies. This option is a blessing for those people, especially given that the website provides so many resolutions for 300mb as well.


We do not promote or endorse use of piracy in any form and are strictly against the use of online piracy. We are fully aware of the laws laid out by the Copyright Act, 1957 and are compliant with all its clauses in its entirety. Through our articles, we are attempting to educate our readers regarding the adverse effects of piracy and the ways in which it harms the entertainment industry. Because of this, we strongly condemn the use of piracy-promoting websites. We would like to advise our users to only make use of legitimate websites and always purchase content rather than just obtain pirated copies. Moreover, such websites may also cause you and your computer systems irreversible harm. We would like to encourage you to pursue only legal means of downloading and streaming content. We hope you will further encourage your friends and family to curb the use of piracy and promote the use of legitimate platforms only.

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