YouTube and National Geographic are working together on 3 VR video projects

National Geographic and YouTube are teaming up on three VR endeavors, the first of which will be set to debut on December 11th. The digital reality series will include YouTube’s already big assortment of VR articles. “National Geographic has always pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling,” Jenna Pirog, National Geographic’s senior manager of video and immersive experiences, said in a statement. “We are excited about a long-term venture with YouTube which will let us stay industry stewards for marrying immersive technologies together with impactful storytelling.”

The first job is a four-part series named The Okavango Experience, that will take audiences on a trip of Africa’s Okavango Delta, home to a varied choice of wildlife such as lions, elephants and countless species of birds. Each episode follows a National Geographic Society group as they embark on a four-month, 1,500-mile trip throughout the delta. The scientists and explorers making the group traveling across three nations as they attempt to comprehend the way to best protect the oceans of the area.

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Each episode will probably be approximately five minutes. The first will probably be accessible on National Geographic’s YouTube station, its site and its own Google Daydream VR program launching December 11th. The rest of the episodes will be published weekly on Tuesdays. National Geographic and also YouTube will also launch two VR show in 2019.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated before this season the business was keeping a close watch on technology such as AR and VR because they allow founders to set up an even closer connection with audiences. Previously, Google has teamed up with Vogue, Major League Baseball along with also the NFL for VR series which have aired on YouTube. This past year, the business partnered with Discovery on a 38-episode virtual reality travel chain that spanned all seven continents.

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