Windows latest update crashes Mircosoft Surface Book 2, users report

Not long after Microsoft needed to draw its Windows 10 October 2018 upgrade due to numerous significant bugs, yet another problem has come to light, now affecting users of Microsoft’s very own high-end Surface Novel two. Owners of the expensive 2-in-1 apparatus have been reporting Blue Screen of Death crashes with an error message “System thread exception not handled”, after the installation of some current accumulative Windows Update designated KB4467682. Some users have reported that their Surface Novel 2s have become unusable once they tried to roll back the upgrade.

A report on cites multiple articles by consumers on Reddit and on Microsoft’s own support forums, that are understandably upset about the sub-standard encounter, considering just how much they’ve paid for their Surface Novel two apparatus.

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Some users have theorized that the matter is a result of a battle between the Windows upgrade and a firmware upgrade for the Surface Novel 2 which was released at precisely the exact same moment. The matter also reflects badly on Microsoft after it only recently had to remember the Windows 10 October 2018 upgrade due to critical bugs which deleted several users’ documents and overwrote other documents without requesting.

Microsoft has reacted to one consumer on its forum but hasn’t yet published any explanation or fix to this situation. The business has been attempting to prevent difficulty by proactively detecting potential conflicts and preventing PCs from upgrading themselves if any hardware or software which may lead to difficulty is discovered.

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Microsoft gathers data from all customer PCs running Windows 10 and has up to now recognized an Intel motorist, Apple’s iCloud syncing applications, two Trend Micro software, and some heritage AMD Radeon graphics cards as possible reasons for broken performance with the Windows 10 October 2018 upgrade. Users with these hardware or software problems will be prompted to solve them before the upgrade will be permitted to proceed.


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