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We now live lives that do not allow us extended leisurely hours. Most of us our time is dedicated to our work or profession and the remainder of it goes to the family. Both of these are essential elements of our life. However, if you are anything like me, you always need a dose of entertainment. Movies hit the box office every week and it is certainly not possible to apportion time for visiting the theatre weekly. Although the experience of watching Tamilgun Movies Download on the big screen cannot be replicated at home, it can be quite close if sincerely tried.

We do have other options of watching movies or even TV shows such as DVDs in the market that are available for cheap prices. However, the quality is usually not the best and most people are not fond of DVDs since it has become obsolete at this point. Moreover, DVDs are no friends of the environment so that is another factor contributing to its obsolescence. 

So then, what must we do to satiate our movie habits? Internet is usually the answer to almost any 21st-century problem, much like this one. The Internet has allowed us to build websites that are able to provide a large variety of services. The best part about the internet is that it comes to you, you do not have to leave your house for anything. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, “stay home, stay safe” has become the ultimate mantra. 

We bring this article for you to share details of one such website that provides users with all the Tamilgun Movies downloads, tv shows, and web series that they could possibly think of. The website allows its users to avail its services without having to incur any charges. Moreover, the entire process happens online and the user never has to leave his house for watching any content. The website that we are referring to is Tamilgun. 

What exactly is Tamilgun?

With the abundant options of unlimited internet tariffs, the use of the internet has skyrocketed. The amount of content being downloaded every day is unbelievably high. As of 2019, an average Indian user consumed in total 549 GB of data per annum. This is a massive increase year on year. 

With such widespread usage of the internet, a new industry has assumed a forefront role, that is the streaming industry. People have been accessing Moviesflix, tv shows, and web series online ever since the internet tariffs went down. To leverage this opportunity, streaming service providers have attempted to tap the potential of this segment for the furtherance of their business. 

Tamilgun is among the top websites that provide users with free download and streaming of Tamilgun Movies downloads. The website’s primary focus is on Tamil movies and other South Indian regional movies. The website features Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies Hindi, TV Shows Tamil, etc. These Tamilgun Movies downloads youtube and tv shows usually become available immediately after release, usually in camera quality. Other high definition resolutions follow within a week’s time for users who are selective about the quality of video and audio. 

However, it is important to note that the website is illegal. The website promotes piracy by distributing copies of movies and other video content over which it has no authorization for distribution. Because of this, the government has labeled this website as illegal. The users who make use of the Tamilgun rockers website are punishable under the law as well. Moreover, this website may even infect your computer with malware and viruses causing permanent damage to your computer. 

With that out of the way, we must also mention the exceptional range of video and quality as provided by the Tamilgun isaimini website. The video quality ranger anywhere between 360p and 1080p and the users can download these Tamilgun Movies downloads based on their preference which will require consideration of their internet speed as well as the storage available with them.

The website also provides a streaming service which is an added benefit because users will not be required to download the entire movie onto their computer systems if they choose to stream the content instead of downloading, thereby saving them a lot of data and storage. 

Features of the Tamilgun website

This versatile streaming and downloading platform have certainly had an appeal among the users. The popularity is a result of the excellent features that have been accommodated on the website. The features provide users with excellent tools to efficiently navigate the website and choose the content they wish to download. Without these features, the users would have had to spend a lot of extra effort and time screening the entire content available on the website.

The creators of the Tamilgun isaimini website ensure that the website is in an eternally functional state. We have put together a list of some of these features for you to better understand the features that are available on the website. 

1. Giant Movie Gallery

Tamilgun features a wide content library that is composed of a diverse combination of content which also includes regional as well as international Tamilgun Movies downloads site like Movierulz. The website does not only focus on movies that are Indian but also hosts movies from other countries as well. But over and above these, the website also features movies in the regional Indian languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and many others. 

2. Latest Releases Available

The website is quick to make the latest content available including movies, tv shows, and web series. The website usually uploads the Tamilgun Movies downloads immediately following their release. But the first print tends to be camera quality. The high definition versions follow suit and subsequently users may download better video quality if they so, please. 

3. No Subscription Fee

The website does not charge anything to its users. All the content available on the website is entirely free of cost for all users Tamilgun rockers. The website does not require the users to sign up or register either. The users can access the entire content library merely by visiting the website. The website, of course, has other revenue streams since it does not charge anything to the users. But we discuss that later.

4. Less Pop-Up Ads

Most streaming websites are known to have bombarded users with endless pop-up ads when using them to view any content. However, with Tamilgun, users do not have to worry about constantly having to close the pop-up ads which ruin the movie-watching experience for them. The website has ensured that the pop-up ads are kept to a minimum and that they don’t up spoil the experience of their users. With Tamilgun isaimini, you do not have to worry about excessive advertisement and you can watch your movies in peace. 

5. High-Resolution Quality

The content available on Tamilgun is generally high resolution only. Only in cases where the Gomovies have been put up immediately after the release, the quality may be camera quality. Other than that, the website ensures that only standard quality content finds its way to the website’s content library. For all sorts of content, be it Tamilgun Movies downloads or TV shows, Tamilgun isaimini has maintained consistent quality so the users can enjoy their movie-watching without any cringe-worthy issues.

6. A Powerful Search Bar

The search bar is among the most powerful tools on Tamilgun. The search bar enables the users to navigate their way through the website without much hassle. Instead of knit-picking their favorite content through an enormous content library, users can simplify the process manifold by inserting a query in the search bar which will provide the users with what they have been looking for Tamilgun rockers. Of course, the feature can only be used provided the user already knows what content is to be downloaded. 

7. Categories

This feature is usually the most crucial feature of any content hosting website. We have an entire section dedicated to a discussion on categories so we will just brief about it in this section. Categories bifurcate the content of the website in many ways. It is like carving out a cake in multiple pieces. The website’s content is divided based on genre, year of release, language, the language of dubbing, etc. 


Categorization is a crucial aspect of websites that provide download and streaming services because of the large amount of content that is available on them. The users may find it overwhelming to find relevant content from such a large pool of content that contains a diverse range of content including tv shows, web series, and Tamilgun Movies downloads.

In order to address this issue, categorization plays a central role. The categories available on the website allow the users to screen the content to a minimum that is only relevant for them. The users are able to save a lot of time and effort by doing this because the majority of the content that would have otherwise been irrelevant for the users gets screened out by using the categorization tool.

The categories have been put in place keeping in mind the greatest number of searches by users. For example, among the most popular categories is 300MB movies. We have put together a brief list of categories that are available on the website so you can understand what sort of categories you will encounter upon landing on the website. 

Categories on the basis of regional Indian languages:

  • Hindi Movies
  • English Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Tamilgun rockers
  • Gujarati Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Tamilgun isaimini
  • Kannada Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • Tamilgun Movies downloads
  • Hollywood Movies Hindi Dubbed
  • South Indian Movies Hindi Dubbed
  • Bhojpuri Movies

Categories on the basis of genres: 

  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Crime
  • Science Fiction Documentary
  • Family
  • Drama
  • Reality-TV
  • 18+ Movies
  • TV shows
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Mystery

Categories on the basis of origin:

  • Arabic Movies
  • Mexican Movies
  • Netherland Movies
  • Argentina Movies
  • New Zealand Movies
  • Australia Movies
  • Philippines Movies
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Cambodian Movies
  • Tamilgun Movies downloads
  • Poland Movies
  • Norway Movies
  • Canadian Movies
  • Korean Movies
  • Russian Movies
  • Chinese Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • South African Movies
  • Bollywood Movies

Based on these categories, it becomes evident how minutely the content library has been sliced into pieces for users so they can easily navigate through the content and simplify the process of downloading or streaming their favorite content. 

Best Alternatives (Illegal) to Tamilgun

As mentioned earlier, Tamilgun is an illegal website which the government reserves the right to ban at any time without any prior notice.  Because of this, we advise our readers to always have a few alternatives handy in case the website ever becomes inaccessible. Should that happen, the users must have alternatives that they can make use of so they are not left out to dry in absence of any alternatives.

1. ThePirateBay

This is among the oldest and most popular torrent Tamilgun isaimini websites in existence today. The website contains data from across the world and allows users to download all of this data without incurring any cost. The website contains ebooks, movies, tv shows, funny clips, and a lot more that users can get their hands on.

2. Filmyzilla

Another popular website that has taken a dominant position among websites that provide free streaming and download services is the filmyzilla website Tamilgun rockers. The website, with its simple and user-friendly design, allows users access to its giant content library where users will find all the latest upcoming movies without incurring any charges.

3. Madras Rockers

Another website popular for hosting South Indian movies in addition to the usual English and Hindi Tamilgun Movies downloads is next on our list of top alternatives to Tamilgun isaimini. The website features content from across the world regardless of the very specific name of the website. The website has recently gained immense popularity because of its exceptional collection of movies. 

4. Tamil Rockers

The next website on our top illegal alternative websites is Tamilrockers. The website provides users with all the recently released Telugu and Tamilgun isaimini movies. However, the scope of the website is much wide than those regional movies because the website also offers Tamilgun Movies downloads in other languages as well including English and Hindi.

5. Putlocker

This is the most widely used internet streaming website that is illegal. The website has pretty much all the content that users could ask for. The website has garnered a large viewership worldwide because of its exceptional quality of service and consistent performance in terms of video quality, among others. 

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Tamilgun

1. Netflix

The most popular streaming platform currently active in the streaming services market is Netflix. It is certainly the undisputed leader, mainly because of its first-mover advantage. The platform does charge its users a subscription fee for its users because it does not bombard users with irrelevant ads.

2. Amazon Prime

Another very popular platform, especially in the Indian market, is Amazon Prime. The platform’s popularity originates from its lower tariffs. The content on the platform is compiled keeping in mind the Indian users. 

3. YouTube

Even though YouTube is not the most widely used platform for streaming, plenty of legitimate movie copies have been uploaded on the video hosting website by people who possess the distribution rights. For example, the T- series has posted a bunch of its old movies on its YouTube channel without charging anything to the viewers. 

4. Hotstar

The platform is popular in India because cricket fans watch this to stream cricket matches. The platform hosts a number of TV shows, movies, Tamilgun isaimini, and other things relevant primarily to the Indian streamers. 

5. Hulu

This platform is another popular streaming platform that also comes as a mobile application. The users who buy subscriptions to Hulu will be able to stream Hollywood, Tamilgun Movies downloads as well as regional Indian movies such as South Indian movies.


1. Is Tamilgun a safe website?

Certainly not. The website is illegal and is involved in the distribution of pirated copies of movies and TV shows Tamilgun isaimini. Such websites may permanently damage your computer systems. Therefore, the website is absolutely unsafe for use.

2. What type of content is available on Tamilgun?

In addition to all the latest updates, the users will also find old movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood on this hubflix website. Popular TV shows and web series are also available.

3. What makes Tamilgun famous?

The website’s popularity is rooted in the fact that it allows users to download high-definition resolution movies without charges any fees. Users are able to download all their favorite Tamilgun Movies downloads and tv shows free of cost.


We strongly condemn the use of illegal websites that promote piracy. We are completely aware of the rules and regulations laid out by The Copyright Act, 1957, and are in complete compliance with the said Act. Through our articles, we aim to educate our readers regarding the risks associated with the use of such Tamilgun isaimini websites. We hope you will use only legitimate sources for streaming content online and encourage your friends and family to adopt more ethical means for their content requirements. 

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