Best Alternative To SearchTempest In 2021

Nathan Stretch created a web application in 2006 named SearchTempest. This online website was designed for online classified advertisements. These aggregator ads allow the user to get the most relevant search results from the top and popular websites such as Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay. The old name of SearchTempest was Craig’s Helper, which usually helps users get more into search compared to one craigslist city.

Since the name changes to SearchTempest, there is also a change in the search engine algorithm where the search result also collects the data from Amazon and eBay search databases. If you live in the United States, UK, and Canada, then this web application provides you useful search benefits.

It is not the only web application that gives you the online search benefits, but other best alternatives to search tempest websites might help you experience good search results. If you had already experience SearchTempest and want to know which website provides you the best search result, check out the alternative and similar sites to search tempest.

About SearchTempest:

SearchTempest allows users to search multiple online classified ads on sites like Amazon, eBay, and craigslist. SearchTempest is based in Victoria, British Columbia. It has provided remote and full-time jobs since its inception in 2006. SearchTempest’s services are intended to save time and effort.

They aggregate listings from online classifieds providers and combine them into a user-friendly format on one website. SearchTempest’s founder, Nathan Stretch, was an “average” Canadian graduate student in electrical engineering who became frustrated with the tedious process of searching various websites for available items.

SearchTempest users can post classified ads, search by region and state, and international searches. SearchTempest is part of Tempest Systems Inc., including AutoTempest (an aggregator of websites listing used cars).

From the above information you get a clear idea about searchtempest web application and how does it work. Now you can go with the alternative and similar sites to help you understand which sites provide you the best search result SearchTempest or its alternatives.

Best Alternatives To SearchTempest Sites

1#. Geebo:

Geebo is an online classified site that offers free advertising for employment, real estate, and vehicles. Geebo, an American online classifieds website, is based in McLean (Virginia). Greg Collier, an entrepreneur, founded it in 2000 to promote job listings and other services within the Sacramento region.

2#. Classified-ads:

Classified Ads, a free web-based ad viewing system and posting platform accessible from anywhere in the world, allows you to see local ads for any location and area.


Feature Flag as A Service: Code deployments are separated from feature releases to accelerate development, reduce risks, and release safely.

4#. FinderMaster logo:

FinderMaster offers free classifieds that allow you to post or find products and services. It supports thousands of cities and covers more than 100 countries. This classification is now available.

5#. Yclas:

It is the most suitable platform for classifieds websites. No need to have any prior knowledge to create a website. It’s an online web application that provides the most search results and helps users have the same experience from SearchTempest.

6#. 5miles:

5miles is more than selling and buying the app. It’s also a way for you to be a better neighbor. You can sell and buy used cars, furniture, or electronics locally with the 5miles app.

7#. Webgility:

Webgility provides QuickBooks integration software ECC that allows you to integrate your online shopping cart and QuickBooks. ECC integrates all online shopping carts with QuickBooks, including Amazon, Magento, and eBay. Order online or request a quote to personalize the application.

8#. HomaVo:

You can verify and audit all your eBay accounts from one location. You can detect lost/late packages to stay one step ahead. You won’t need to log in multiple times to manage orders if all your eBay accounts are synchronized in one place. You don’t need to log in to different pages to check on orders because all your eBay accounts are in one place.

9#. Xpress Lister:

Xpress Lister is an easy and quick way to list your products on eBay. Xpress Lister automatically categorizes products and lists them on a professional template for eBay in seconds. It saves you hours of setup time. The XpressGrid user interface is cleverly designed to make managing your eBay listings easy. The default Turbo Lister replacement will be Codisto Xpress Lister. It is a great choice for all my clients.

10#. CrazyLister:

CrazyLister allows you to create eBay auction listings from scratch. This listing tool works with eBay and includes various HTML templates you can modify to make your listing look better.

11#. ShelfLife:

ShelfLife is the future in collecting. It’s a social marketplace that provides collectors with the best place to sell, buy and order what they love. ShelfLife keeps a permanent record of all collectibles ever made, allowing it to match buyers and sellers just as efficiently as the stock exchange.


We discussed how searchtempest web application works and also their alternative and similar website. Now it is your choice that which website provides the best search results and which needs some changes. You can share your experience in the comment box and tell us which is the best search site SearchTempest or its alternatives. We hope that you get useful information from our research related to search websites.

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