Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Vacuum And Floor Mopping Robot Tested

While classic vacuum systems still use the good old bag function, modern vacuum and floor mopping robots such as the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is based on the innovative, more environmentally friendly variant, namely the bagless part. But what are the pros and cons of the two very different options? V

Here is some general information about buying a new vacuum cleaner and then more about the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro.

The Vac 2 Pro is the successor and big brother of theΒ Yeedi Vac Max, which we have already reported on in the past.


Older branded models tend to be cheaper than their modern successors. However, they usually require an outlet connection during the suction process and are equipped with a corresponding cable, which sometimes gets tangled between furniture pieces.

If you consider the current power consumption and the need to buy the right bag brand before you plan to buy it, you can already make a solid comparison. High-end products generate less waste and are relatively inexpensive in ongoing bag cost savings.


Due to the so-called cyclone technology of modern vacuum cleaners, an increased noise level is to be expected when cleaning the living space. It is where the technical advantages of the old-fashioned device come into their own.

Spider Phobia

Yes, it’s true – sucking in spiders doesn’t guarantee long-term protection against the chance they’ll actively crawl out again. These incidents seem to be increasing, especially with bagless vacuum cleaners. For people with a panic fear of spiders, it is often automatically recommended to use the classic bag vacuum cleaner.

Last but not least, the emptying process takes place without direct visual contact with the dreaded creepy crawly.


While old-fashioned vacuum cleaners are heavier than bagless, more modern variants, vacuum robots, in particular, benefit from not even having to be carried for vacuuming (except for assistance with stairs or stairwells). For people with back problems or weak wrists, the automatic purchase of a high-end brand often follows.

Suction power

Newer models have minimal to crucial differences in the respective suction power; they usually have less power. It is also why many people resort to the tried and tested vacuum cleaner with bag function. In particular, allergy sufferers and end-users with an increased need for cleanliness want to be able to rely on 100%, ideally clinical, cleanliness.


How long you can work satisfactorily with a device depends primarily on the appropriate treatment.

Price-performance ratio

When purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, it is crucial to clarify which points personally make sense to be taken into account. As individual as our personalities and circumstances are, the reasons for buying a vacuum cleaner product can also be as different.

However, one thing is sure – both people with a penchant for the tried and tested bag function, as well as people who value technology and innovation in their own four walls, have found the following model to be highly recommendable – we are talking about the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Saug – and wiping robot with the suction station.

The following test result provides information about the advantages of the presented device. This innovative mop and vacuum robot feature the automatic mop washing function, pressurized mops, visual navigation and intelligent recognition of carpets and substrate materials.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro – Worthy Of Special Mention

Satisfied customers speak out in favour of the following points in particular:

Self-cleaning with the suction station as a matter of course

So far, no comparable model in Europe has had the so-called self-cleaning function. The intelligent station relieves people of the unpleasant work of having to wring out the used mop themselves – it is responsible for the washing process and the proper rinsing and drying afterwards.

The mop remains optimally moistened during the vacuuming/wiping process and finishes with a friendly, dry surface, ultimately more than impressive.

Practical water tanks in use

Two separate tanks ensure optimal handling so that fresh and dirty water does not accidentally contact each other during the wiping procedure.

While freshwater is first filled into one tank and regularly applied to the mop, the used water is automatically sucked up or pumped into the opposite tank, which acts like a dirty water container.

Both tanks have a filling volume of 3500ml each, enabling longer cleaning processes without annoying interruptions when filling and draining the respective water.

Clinically clean cleanliness

Given the intelligent functions of this device, even stubbornly soiled areas are no longer an obstacle – the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro recognizes bumps such as coarse dirt and the beginning and end of carpets or carpets using its sensitive sensors.

Furthermore, depending on the previous setting, he can apply different pressure levels with the mop, which eliminates unwanted stains in no time at all.

Technology at the highest level

Thanks to the visual slam function, the innovative suction and wiping robot reacts to the smallest of hand signals, such as touching with a finger.

Other technologies enable the specific definition of the living or office space to be vacuumed – this means that the robot, once instructed, finds its way through the premises on its own, plans an efficient step-by-step way of working and thereby develops the most advantageous route. Areas that should not be vacuumed can be defined and marked in just a few steps, and the Yeedi obediently skips them.

The coupling with Alexa, Yandex Alice, and Google Home & Co, which allows the robot to start rolling and working without being touched via language app settings, is noteworthy.

Satisfaction for a lifetime

The Yeedi Mop Station keeps what it promises – for example, the optimal suction power of around 2500 Pa, which can be used for both wiping and vacuuming at the same time. The device thus manages to kill two birds with one stone successfully and, as a result, also saves valuable time and energy.

The integrated 5200 mAh battery ensures extremely long runtimes of up to 3 hours – despite short charging times. In addition, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro automatically remembers to move back to the battery charging station after the work is done and to position itself accordingly so that it is fully equipped for subsequent use. In the meantime, he doesn’t make a peep and behaves like a pleasant, loyal fellow.

Conclusion On The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Vacuum And Floor Mopping Robot

An easy-to-use device that independently and innovatively ensures optimal cleanliness in the cosy four walls and integrates perfectly into the respective daily rhythm of the respective owner. In many households, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is almost considered a full family member πŸ˜‰

With this in mind, ideally, try it out for yourself when you get the chance and let yourself be convinced of the numerous advantages mentioned, which will practically take care of the household itself!

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