What Is XBode And How Does It Works? [Update]

Xbode Technologies is a global innovator in technology and the Internet of Things space, offering a myriad of possibilities to individuals and objects everywhere.

There is a lot more you can do with xbode, and you should experience it if you are interested in futuristic innovation and technology. We also add some exciting sub-topic, such as downloading, changing colours, and more. So without wasting time, you can start reading here and apply now.

Why do we go with xbode?

With the help of technology and innovation is transforming the way we entertain and experience farming and healthcare home automation, surveillance devices, digital appliances, and networks, etc.

About Xbode:

Xbode Technologies Private Limited is an active company established on December 31, 2019, and has its registered office B-27 in Sector-65 Noida Noida Gautam Buddha Nagar Up 201301 In. It has been in operation for 1 year and 11 months with capital paid up in the amount of half a million. According to MCA reports, two Directors are associated with this company at their 29 September 2021.

Xbode Character In World of Warcraft

If you are familiar with the world of warcraft, then you might see the Xbode, the Tormented character in the game. There is some interesting character that catches attention, and some of them are as follows:

1#. Cowl of Haunting Precognition

The damage you deal with a target will increase the damage by 0.25 per cent for 4 seconds which can be stacked at least 3 times. Chaos Bane tears soul fragments out of enemies, which increases your primary stat and deals Shadow harm to the target.

2#. Sin Stained Pendant (Item Level 229)

Binds when picked up

3#. Smuggler’s Plundered Pauldrons

Your damage increases by 1.50 per 20 seconds after you have attacked an opponent you haven’t yet injured. The wind of Winter often unleashes to protect you from harm and attack your adversaries in response to your crucial strikes.

4#. Self-Replicating Tissue (Item Level 226)

Binds when picked up

5#. Rainshadow Hauberk (Item Level 210)

Transmogrified to Hidden Chestpiece

Binds when picked up

6#. Clasps of the Unfortunate Troubadour (Item Level 239)

Binds when picked up

7#. Gloves of Haunting Fixation (Item Level 216)

Transmogrified to Demonbane Gauntlets

Binds when picked up

8#. A cycle of Chaos (Item Level 225)

Transmogrified to Infernal Firecord Sash

Binds when picked up

9#. Blade Dance has a 30 per cent chance to grant Chaotic Blades, increasing the damage of Chaos Strike by 50% and the possibility of reclaiming Fury by an additional 60% over 8 seconds.

10#. Shardhide Leather Trousers (Item Level 220)

Transmogrified to Leggings of Sacrifice

Binds when picked up Legs

11#. Daschla’s Defiant Treads (Item Level 226)

Your functional abilities and spells have the chance of giving your victim an Unholy Aura that drains 169 healths from enemies in the vicinity every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. The bonus socket can give you 3 Blood Shards to gain Blood Link during the Maw.

12#. Arachnid Cipher Ring (Item Level 226)

Binds when picked up

13#. Quick Oxxein Ring (Item Level 230)

Unique-Equipped in Shadowlands Crafted

14#. Phial of Putrefaction (Item Level 229)

Binds when picked up

Every 5 seconds, the next melee skill applies LiquefyingOoze, causing 1 774 Nature damage over 30 seconds. The ability can be stacked three times, and stacking doesn’t change the duration.

15#. Fine Razorwing Quill (Item Level 220)

Your melee or ranged attacks can cause your target to be bled 1,071 times over 4 seconds.

16#. Stone General’s Edge (Item Level 216)

Cruciform Veinripper

Binds when picked up with One-Hand Axe

17#. Cruciform Veinripper (Item Level 226)

When you are in the shadows of your foes, if their movements are impaired, or they suffer from the effects of loss of control, Your attacks are likely to have a high likelihood of causing them to be swollen for more than 6 seconds.


Now you know what xbode is and how does it work. We hope that this information provides you helpful, and if you want to ask any questions, please use the comment box.

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