Azfhs: Arizona Department of Health Services [What is?]

If you are living in Arizona or close to the region, then you are aware of azfhs. You might confuse that the official website is but don’t worry, it is all about azfhs. Due to the pandemic COVID-19, the Arizona department of health services team responds on the front line.

Today there are many azfhs health services that they are providing through the online system. It will help you get medicated by staying at how and you can also share this information with your family and friends.

About azfhs:

The Arizona Department of Health Services ensures the health of children and adults. We aim to establish community and personal health standards by providing direct care, public research policy, and leadership. The department has programs that operate in a variety of fields.

You can search anything related to the subject because the search system, available on official azfhs, is enhanced by Google.

How to find COVID-19 Vaccines @ azfhs

Arizona COVID-19 is administered through tribal and local health authorities. For more information about vaccination registration or to locate an appointment close to you, visit our Vaccine Registration page or call 1-844-542-8201.

You can view the Map and also location as text by visiting here

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How many departments are there in azfhs?

Following are the departments that you might concern.

  • Disease prevention and control
  • Health promotion
  • Community public health
  • Environmental health
  • Maternal and child health
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Regulation of childcare centers
  • Assisted living centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Other health care providers
  • Emergency services.

On AZFHS online website,

There is a data index page where you can find all the updated information about Vaccine Administration, Demographics, COVID-19 Deaths, Zip Code Cases by Day, COVID-19 Cases by day, and Hospitalization. Other data index information is related to Hospital COVID-19 like & influenza-like illness surveillance, Laboratory testing, Congregate settings with positive COVID-19 cases, Hospital Bed Usage & Availability, Ventilator usage & availability, Hospital COVID-19 specific metrics, Zipcode vaccinations by day, and Vaccination coverage by age. Also, azfhs website provides you with the summary for the above data index.

Contact AZFHS: You can contact directly for any emergency

Arizona Department of Health Services

Address: 150 North 18th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Find on Google Maps (

AZFHS General and Public Information:

Phone No: (602) 542-1025

Fax: (602) 542-0883


Now you know what is azfhs and how does it help you in an emergency, especially in a COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this information provides you useful. And if any question or query related to the topic is raised, use the comment box to connect with us.

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