Odin, 4K StreamVR Headset from Russia releasing in Summer 2019

Russian startup DEUS will soon be showing their brand new SteamVR compatible headset referred to as Odin in CES2019.

The business plans to launch an ‘Odin Pre’ variant of headphone in February. This ‘Pre’ version is directed at companies and programmers and will ship using a 3DoF controller to get an estimated cost of $1100. A refined consumer variant with 6DoF controls is intended for Summer 2019, but the cost is now TBA.

The headset features double 2160×2160 LCD panels supplying a whole resolution of 4320×2160 (4K×2K)- greater than any headphone presently in the marketplace. DEUS asserts its fresnel lenses supply a field of view of 110°, just like the HTC Vive.

The consumer edition of this Odin will utilize the VirtualLink USB-C cableregular, whereas the Odin Pre will utilize DisplayPort.

While Odin utilizes photodiodes and laser base channels for monitoring, this really not SteamVR”Lighthouse” Tracking. Instead, the business created their own similar strategy that they call’Horus’. DEUS asserts that Horus base channels have a broader projection angle compared to Lighthouse, which only both comprised stations can cover 200 square meters (approximately 45×45 ft ). The business also informs us that Horus supports an infinite number of base stations for bigger playspaces.

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In Q2 2019 the company will show its 6DoF controls for Odin, employing the exact same Horus monitoring system as the headset. The controls somewhat resemble Oculus Touch but using trackpads rather than thumbsticks. All these 6DOF controls will be contained with the customer Odin transport in Summer.

The headset is SteamVR compatible, which means it ought to have the ability to play (if not all) VR matches on Steam. Buyers of this version will nevertheless have to wait around for the 6DoF controls to perform most Steam titles.

The USA, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China have mastered the VR hardware area up to Now. DEUS expects it could add Russia to this listing. However, growing and sending consumer electronics is remarkably challenging. While the business has given before development kits within the last couple of decades, it hasn’t yet shown the capability to do this at scale. However, if it could meet with the challenge, the Odin might be a worthy addition to this high end PC VR marketplace.

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