MonarqRC: Best HealthCare FoodService Software Solution In 2021

MonarqRC is a full-featured Food Service Management Software designed specifically for Enterprises as well as Startups. MonarqRC offers complete solutions for Windows. The internet-based Food Service Management system offers Costing and Tray Tracking, Recipe Management and Meal / Nutrition Management, and Purchasing all in the same place.

Do you know how MonarqRC function? If not then MonarqRC offers an adaptable, highly dynamic and user-friendly cloud-based foodservice application designed specifically to cater to Long Term Health and Care and Senior Living. Its RDS suite of solutions caters to the requirements of senior living communities, focusing on reducing operating costs and enhancing operational efficiency, and meeting the realities of evolving demands from residents for choice, technology and flexibility.

MonarqRC Features:

The key features under which the Monarqrc system works helps the user get the most useful benefits.

  • It helps to manage the Costing.
  • It provides the Nutritional Analysis that allows users to update with the current status.
  • The user also gets the active Menu Planning option with this software.
  • You can also go with the Tray Tracking of your customers.

What is RDS?

The comprehensive RDS foodservice software provides the necessary tools for long-term care facilities and senior living chefs to improve foodservice operations. RDS apps and programs are completely integrated to provide extremely customized and community-focused software.

What purpose does MonarqRC software use?

Complete resident dining records Mobile Point of Service, with kitchen ticket printing optimized recipe development and scaling menu design for a community defined healthy and modified diets. It provides the streamlined and automated cycle Menu ManagementAutonomous Item Management and Purchasing OptionsPowerful Nutrient Analysis and CostingIntegrated Production and Operational ManagementIntelligent and Custom ReportingCentralization for Multi-Site Organizations.

Best Alternative And Most Preferred on Software Suggest Like MonarqRC

If you have already experience MonarqRC software, you can also check out the suggestion software that can help you manage your health care foodservice software solution in 2021.

Skedda (Space Management):

Skedda eliminates the burden of managing the scheduling manually and booking the availability of spaces. A perfect booking system for desks, rooms, studios, labs courts, and much more. Reduce time and costs by automating time-consuming chores of managing space. With the infinitely adjustable feature, you will be able to create your very own scheduling system regardless of what it might appear to be.

Zoho Desk (Customer Service):

When you’re dealing with customer service, it’s always easier to say than done. Customers contact them through multiple channels, and you have to keep track of all these channels to ensure that you address every issue properly and on time. A help desk software program is an ideal tool to facilitate relevant customer interactions. It also allows customers to use your product or service to the maximum extent. With help desk software, you can be sure that you’ll never violate an SLA or make a client unsatisfied.

Exotel (Cloud Telephony & IVRS):

The virtual call centre is simple to set up and set up, and you can alter the call flow and even delete or alter users at any time. Businesses can start with virtual call centres in less than 10 per cent of the initial setup cost of a traditional PBX configuration. The Global Workplace Analytics report indicates that businesses could save up to $11,000 for each person each year by allowing employees to work at their homes.

MyOperator (Cloud Telephony & IVRS):

You can make outbound calls by pressing a button without having to dial the prospect’s mobile numbers. Transfer support calls between one person or department to another without disconnecting the call. Secure the confidentiality of your customers and support staff by separating their numbers from one of their respective numbers. Reduce the chance of abandoning calls with intelligent call queues, swiftly connecting customers to active agents. Build your image as a brand by using a professional number that lets your customers can connect to you for free costs for calling.

Vulnerability Manager Plus (Vulnerability Management):

Vulnerability Manager Plus is a prioritization-focused vulnerability management tool for enterprises offering built-in patch management. It’s a strategic tool for your security team, providing an extensive view of assessment, remediation, and monitoring of vulnerabilities and threats across your network through an integrated console. Learn to implement step-by-step security management for your company using Vulnerability Manager Plus.

Bugasura TRACKER (Bug Tracking):

From tracking to closing, each modern team has its method of working. The process of customizing workflows can be difficult. But not with Bugasura. Anyone can set up an innovative flow and then manage problems with it. Modern teams rely on workflows and collaboration tools to speed up the process. Bugasura gives you everything you require to collaborate and create software. We work as teams. Join your teams and collaborate on personal projects.


GOFRUGAL is the only full digital solution provider for retail restaurants, distribution companies and other businesses. With more than 14 years in business, they have accumulated more than 25,000 customers in 60+ countries. It is the most comprehensive range of products, including – Desktop POS and Cloud POS and mobile applications.

BLUE LINK ERP (Blue Link Associates Limited):

The Blue LINK ERP system is ideal for distribution and wholesalers companies, i.e. pharma, FMCG, etc. Integrated accounting and contact management, inventory management, eCommerce integration and pharma ERP software. Blue Link forms the foundation of SMEs.

Bluelink is the comprehensive solution of ERP for wholesale/distribution or retail function and can be customized to match any specific business. Bluelink is an extremely durable piece of software with various features and components across a broad range of tasks in business. It makes businesses more efficient and reduces the cost of time and money.

Marg ERP9+ Restaurant Software:

The Restaurant POS software is a sophisticated GST suitable solution used in restaurants, bars, restaurants, and other establishments. With a touchscreen and pictorial interface, it can handle the ordering, recipe costing, and tracking inventory that is perishable and offers an easy-to-use interface for speedy and easy billing. Marg Restaurant software is the ideal choice for any restaurant and bar.

This sophisticated POS Restaurant software helps analyse food costs in managing inventory and preparing waiter-specific reports and date-wise reports. Tables with a colour-coded status and reorder points that you can set to replenish stock and reduce your losses from expiry. Our support centres of 800+ have helped empower over 9 lac users around the world.


Flipdish aids restaurants in gaining control over their marketing and sales channels and help build trust with custom-designed ordering applications. It is a market-leading easy-to-use online ordering system for independent restaurants and takeaways, chains with multiple stores, cafes, delis convenience stores, franchises and.

Yelo (Jungleworks):

Yelo can be described as a service that you can create the world’s largest online marketplace. It also offers applications, websites, and custom solutions for selling services and peer-to-peer businesses. You can create websites, online markets, single storefronts or conversational marketplaces through Yelo.

Yelo offers a service-as-a-service marketplace service that helps entrepreneurs create a platform similar to Doordash, Fiverr, Airbnb or Thumbtack with Unlimited Transactions and Listings. From promotions and marketing and delivery administration, Yelo strives to provide the one-stop-shop solution that can provide an end-to-end shopping experience.


Now you know everything about monarqrc software and how it manages your healthcare foodservice software solution in 2021. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject ask a question in the comments box. We hope that this information provides you with useful benefits.

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