Microsoft Surface Go tablets will be Exclusive to take the LSAT

If you are intending to take the LSAT anytime soon, you may want to get acquainted with Microsoft‘s Surface Move.

Only a year following the Surface Novel was prohibited in the Bar Exam at Tennessee for compatibility issues, that the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the company behind the LSAT, has selected the Surface Move to administer the exam moving forward.

Students will take the evaluation’s five multiple choice sections on the pills, whereas the writing sample will be split. Pupils will have the ability to submit an application sample from any device they choose.

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The move comes as the LSAT, which will be no more demanded by some leading law schools, is moving completely digital this season. The LSAC states it moved through “countless pills” to be able to discover the ideal one to administer the evaluation, The Verge accounts. Apple pills were disqualified because of their cost and proprietary ecosystem, while Chromebooks did not make the cut as they weren’t high enough quality.

The law team was particularly interested in reliability. Given that taking the exam is already stressful enough, the LSAC wishes to protect against a scenario in which a digital device could fail midway through a student’s examination, producing even more anxiety.

The LSAC will completely administer the LSAT through the Surface Move by July 2019.

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