KuttiPencil: Best Online Malayalam Typing Utility & Font Converter In 2021

I am Malayali, living abroad for more than five years with my two children. If you search in Google “How many Malayalam people live out of India?” you will get the result of regions with significant populations. Most of them have started a new family with their children.

My children speak English and Malayalam; here in Alaska, he can speak and write English, but what about the cultural and traditional language Malayalam. They ask me to help them to write in the Malayalam language to maintain their cultural language.

In this technology world, using chock and slate (writing) will not take an interest in how to write the Malayalam language. I researched to get the perfect way to make my children learn in this updated technology world. So I found KuttiPencil, an online website that is quite interesting and surprising for me, how we can type Malayalam words on the English alphabet keyboard.

Kuttipencil Malayalam typing website is an online utility that provides an online free platform where anyone can type and learn how to write Malayalam.

This website does not require any registration or subscription fee. It is a gift from the developer to all the Malayalam community who lives outside India but does not provide proper learning classes for their children to learn this language.

Some interesting features will change the way to learn the Malayalam language using the online website.

Features Of Kuttipencil

  • The interface of this website provides a faster Malayalam typing tool for Linux, Mac, and Ubuntu platforms.
  • This online tool provides options for streaming, storing, writing, and posting.
  • This online tool provides a Malayalam directory for a spellchecker and English convertor.
  • It also had the feature of Unicode convert style for the collection of FML/ML.
  • There is a vice versa of English convert to Malayalam.
  • The tool has the audio from text convert (MP3 format) feature, which is amazing.
  • For fast operating, Kuttipencil also updated on Firefox and Chrome web browser extension.

And More

NOTE: Kuttipencil use the Google Transliterate API for the translation of English to Malayalam

How To Use KuttiPencil

Step#1. Open kuttipencil Malayalam URL into a web browser

Step#2. Once the page is load, you will see the big typing whiteboard on the screen.

Step#3. You will see the keyboard layout; use it to type Malayalam. Also, tick the “Show” box; it will appear English Malayalam keyboard to understand the exact letter to type.

Step#4. Optional: if you want o to convert the Image/PDF file convert to text, users can click on the “PDF/Image to text” button. It will lead to another tab page; here, click “Select file and upload,” and from your local device directory, locate and select the file which you wish to convert.

Once you select the file, it will automatically start the convertor process, and it will be completed as per the speed of your internet. Once it is done, you will see the entire file English written into Malayalam.

 Step#5. You can also convert the typewritten word or sentence into ML/FML series or Manglish and also click on Audio (MP3 Format) to get the audio converter option to appear on the screen and follow its process.

Step#6. You can also search a word using English Malayalam Dictionary located at the top right on the screen. Type a word on the search bar and click on Magnifying glass icon to apply the search.

This way, you can use all the features and type the Malayalam language on this free online utility platform.

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How To Type Malayalam Words in Photoshop Using Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing Utility

If you want to do some more creativity on Photoshop and want the type text in Malayalam, you can follow the steps to learn how to type Malayalam in Photoshop with Kuttipencil.

Step#1. Open the Kuttipencil website in a web browser and type anything you wish to have that text on Photoshop.

Step#2. Click on the “Convert” button, and options appear; here, click on “Copy to FML series,” and converted to FML series box appears on the screen.

Step#3. Paste-on that new appear box highlight the text, and then click the “Copy text” button.

Step#4. Go to Photoshop Ps and click on “T” text type from the tool and paste the kuttipencil copy text on Photoshop and highlight, then click on the text font type option from the above tool and select FML. You will see the text you copy was in English, and now it changes to the Malayalam language.

You can change the size, bolt, and more as per your requirement. In this way, you can type Malayalam language using Kuttipencil.


We discuss how you can teach your children to type the Malayalam language while living abroad. This online Malayalam online utility does not require any registration to use this online website. We hope that you get the useful information from this Kuttipencil free to type Malayalam website. IF you want to know more about how you can use this online typing tool similar to Photoshop, then share your requirement in the comment box.

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