Brazen WhatsApp scam: This Is How Scammers Want Your Money Now

WhatsApp users have to beware of a perfidious scam. Scammers want to get your money. Find out how to protect yourself here.

WhatsApp users are getting more and more suspicious messages, and behind them are usually scammers who either want your data or your money. The Münster police are now warning of such a scam. Because according to this, WhatsApp users receive messages from supposed relatives in great need who need money.

The messages should be aimed primarily at older WhatsApp users with children. The scammers pretend they are a relative who has lost their cell phone or that it is broken. You would now write from a friend’s smartphone via WhatsApp, which should explain the unknown number. You urgently need a large amount of money to pay a bill. Because online banking would not be possible without a smartphone, the account needs to be paid.

WhatsApp scams: how to protect yourself

According to the Münster police, WhatsApp messages have been reported more frequently in the past few days. Even if the scam is only local at first, it could quickly spread to other regions. The police are now urgently warning against simply transferring the required sum.

Instead, you should call your relatives, supposedly behind the WhatsApp message, and ask whether it came from them. If you find out this is a scam, call the police and report the fraudulent number, and it allows officers to investigate further.


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