What is Gogolecom? Is It Google or Something Else, Let’s Find

I found another word Gogolecom which seems quite similar to Google com. At first, I thought it was something related to technology, but guess what I found when I researched it? Guess what I found? It was just the spelling differently shown on my keyword search results, but you all know what it is.

Gogolecom looks quite interesting, and also I want to share this information with my visitors, so let’s know what Gogolecom is.

When I searched on Google the word “gogolecom,” the result I found was all about Google (or Gogole.com?). So it is confirmed that it is BackRub, the original name of Google.

Gogolecom or Google is a Search engine started in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It started by keeping in mind a research project at Stanford University by the developers where people can easily find files on the internet.

Larry and Sergey then decided that the names of the search engines had to be changed, and they chose Google the name, which comes from the word googol. The headquarters of the company is at Mountain View, California.

Its domain google.com has been registered since September 15, 1997, and the company was formed on September 4, 1998. The image below is a screenshot of the website in The Internet Archive of what Google was like in 1998.

What makes Google distinguish itself from the rest and help it continue growing and become the top Google search engine? Its PageRank method of sorting results from search results. While it’s one of the top search engines available on the Internet, Google also incorporates several of its other services, including Google Maps and Google Local, for more relevant results for the search.


Now you know what gogolecom is and how it came in search result rank keyword. So if you want to know more about the topic or ask any questions, use the comment box or email me for further assistance.

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